To Ilsan. To New Friend. To 감자탕

To Ilsan!

The last time, I went Ilsan was like 2 years back for Kim Hyun Joong’s Break Down Comeback on Music Core. Oh gosh, can’t believe it’s been so long ago… And definitely, dropped by to the Jaksal outlet that KHJ’s mom owned. All I remembered was the long long journey from Myeongdong, and definitely the high speed of how the cab driver drove during midnight. It’s so fast T.T I remembered I was holding onto Alice saying I’m scared, HAHA (what am i doing to a little girl who is so much younger than me…!)

But, this time, we had a new reason to head over Ilsan! I’m meeting a new friend introduce by Cin. I’m pretty much excited to know this new friend, to me aside she is really very pretty and nice in person, I think is always very good to widen the social circle. And definitely, I love making new friend 🙂 Kyungbin, my new friend, she brought us to Kid & Cafe for 감자탕, despite my 3th time to Korea, it’s my first time trying this dish.

 photo P4172438copy_zps2b548afc.jpg

 photo P4172432copy_zps43d2a61d.jpg

 photo P4172433copy_zps582b6e77.jpg
Korean restaurant always look very nice! And, they put much more effort in decorate the entire restaurant into different concept and feels. It feel like everywhere look different and interesting.

 photo P4172434copy_zps1ad9f120.jpg

 photo P4172435_zps21bcf5f7.jpg

The main dish, 감자탕 means Potato Stew, but it seems like adding Pork to it is so much common now. As much as I might not love the taste of Pork, but I must say this 감자탕 really taste very good, and the pork was so tender, the soup was so tasty, with lots of cabbage…. It’s one of the best combi.

 photo P4172436copy_zps8f51b468.jpg

Close up of the Potato Stew. Yummy! I wish Carol is with us that day! 🙂 — Thank you Cin for the treats! ^^

Kyungbin is very nice to me, and chat with me though it’s the first time we met. I believed, we had a great chatting time! After the meal, Kyungbin treated us takeaway drink for a little stroll at the park. The weather was so good that day, it’s not exactly very hot, but we gets the sun and a bit of winds.

 photo P4172439copy_zps9c160abc.jpg

 photo P4172440copy_zps85a699b5.jpg

 photo P4172441copy_zps7ed3d80f.jpg

 photo P4172442copy_zpsffa1f4e5.jpg

 photo P4172444copy_zps0a022b33.jpg

Zoocoffee cafe, which is in the theme of animal. It’s a very cute cafe, and there’s quite a number franchise over in Seoul.

 photo P4172447copy_zps7132e403.jpg

 photo P4172448copy_zps6974a298.jpg

 photo P4172449copy_zps00b76aec.jpg

you noticed something? 🙂

 photo P4172451copy_zpsd736ac56.jpg

group photo! 🙂

 photo P4172452copy_zpsafe543a7.jpg

 photo P4172454copy_zpsb204bfd3.jpg

sometimes, during a trip, i guessed… it’s always good to have a little time like this… walking around, taking photos and resting on the grass 🙂

 photo P4172455copy_zps4119a86d.jpg

it’s everywhere now, ‘my home’ haha!

 photo P4172456copy_zps784f6069.jpg


it’s a very very short time together with Kyungbin. Hope you will be heading Singapore soon, and we shall bring you around to see a different Singapore 🙂 Till then, take care!

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