Thanks Nature Cafe in Hongdae

This post is definitely for someone who love animals, and in fact Sheep :) This is the closest encounter I had with sheep and they are just simply cute. Though I went Aussie before, and there’s plenty of sheeps around as well, but not so close, really far in fact. So, when I watched We Got Married, featuring Leeteuk and Kang Sora, and got to know this cafe that the owner own 2 sheeps and placed them in his cafe. I knew, this must be in my Cafe Hopping itinerary. This is freaking awesome, and basically in a street of Hongdae (kinda similar to our bugis etc) is like amazing!

Besides, they served NICE WAFFLES too! I love discovering Cafes… and this is definitely one that I will be back :)

Before that, show you a short clip of the sheep :)

 photo P4172461copy_zpsa7d99022.jpg
 photo P4172460copy_zpsde05201f.jpg
 photo P4172459copy_zpsdbbd7d1d.jpg photo P4172515copy_zps7286dcec.jpg photo P4172514copy_zpse1a6afd2.jpg
 photo P4172505copy_zpsfc212119.jpg
 photo P4172503copy_zps6ec8726a.jpg
 photo P4172502copy_zps171b4a97.jpg
 photo P4172488copy_zpsf1b9a4b9.jpg
 photo P4172487copy_zpsd0fad01a.jpg
 photo P4172483copy_zps403b5a16.jpg
 photo P4172476copy_zpsb48412c1.jpg
 photo P4172473copy_zps7decbdc1.jpg
 photo P4172472copy_zps989d5039.jpg
 photo P4172467copy_zpsa94b584e.jpg
 photo P4172466copy_zpsace7b612.jpg
 photo P4172458copy_zps59e8f827.jpg

and before everything ends, one cute photo! :D

 photo P4172481copy_zpsdefefaa0.jpg

마포구 서교동 486 서교푸르지오상가 B121

Hongik Station Exit 9
Walk Straight till you reached cross junction, turn LEFT.
About 5-8minutes look out for the store at your LEFT.
It’s located at Basement :)



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