Cafe 5Cijung 오시정 五首诗

[!!!] Please note, this pretty gallery art cafe is closed! So sad! 

Cafe 5 Cijung is a very small gallery art cafe. It shared the similiar meaning of your mood and heart while ‘writing five poems’. The cafe interior is very cute and lovely display by local illustrators and artists. Aside from having indulge of dessert and drinks, you can visit their little art corner where you can get some cute purchases as well. The cafe is famous for their healthy drinks such as ginseng milk. And that’s the unique selling point for the cafe, with organic dessert and drinks. No, we didn’t tried it, it’s too challenging for me.

They have a few outlets and the one we went is located at sam cheong dong 🙂 The Cafe is converted from a small apartment and designed in white and wooden interior. With their cafe’s glass sunroof design, it reflect the entire cafe to be brighter and livelier. To add on the lovely surrounding with dolls and cute ornaments, it give us comfy feeling while having our little tea time in the cafe.

Clarice passed by 5Cijung cafe few days ago and suggested why not we give a visit. Not knowingly this is one of the famous popular cafe in town, I must be blinded for the last 5 trips :p We gave a try and never regret, it’s definitely one of my must-go-cafe the next time. Recently, SBS’s room mate EP04,  Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Sora visited a cafe for their strawberry bing su, which is apparently the very one we visited in Samseongdong 🙂

We visited here right after our Jongmyo Shrine and Bukchon Hanok Village cultural tour 🙂

 photo P3240379copy_zpsb2d893ba.jpg

 photo P3240380copy_zpsafcdbf44.jpg

 photo P3240381copy_zpsf0a73b21.jpg

 photo P3240382copy_zpse7591a7c.jpg

 photo P3240383copy_zps74f2f451.jpg

 photo P3240384copy_zps470f9dc0.jpg
Fresh Baked Scones, for every meal ordered. I’m not a fan of scones, but THIS IS SO GOOD!
It’s buttery and soft when you eat it, simple as that – it’s so nice not to finish it 🙂

 photo P3240385copy_zps7688e497.jpg

 photo P3240386copy_zpsd95c5f9f.jpg

 photo P3240387copy_zps2e431fd0.jpg

 photo P3240389copy_zpsc28b6da6.jpg

 photo P3240392copy_zps4075d667.jpgI never had such nice lava cake ever, it’s accompanied by my favorite ice-cream
– yes just vanilla ice cream hehe. It’s so good!
the rich and creamy chocolate flow out from the center of the lava cake was amazing.
it wasn’t as amazing as the moment you have a mouthful of it. It just goes whoa~

 photo P3240395copy_zps91e3fc3b.jpgThis is so good, so puffy so creamy so buttery, and its not over-doing it taste. It’s just nice!

 photo P3240398copy_zpsfafd0a39.jpg

 photo P3240399copy_zps5fc23da7.jpg

 photo P3240400copy_zps27dd656a.jpg

 photo P3240401copy_zpscd545f28.jpg

 photo P3240404copy_zps34414e7d.jpg

 photo P3240405copy_zps512f7884.jpg

 photo P3240406copy_zps1f479ea6.jpg

 photo P3240407copy_zpsd33dfb09.jpg

Tel: 02-730-2008
Address: 서울시 종로구 팔판동 57
Direction: Anguk Station Exit 1
(Spot the Wall Art at the side of the road, and you will find 5Cijung Cafe just opposite)

3 thoughts on “Cafe 5Cijung 오시정 五首诗”

  • This is such a lovely cafe, more places I need to visit when I return to Korea next year ^^ Your pictures are lovely by the way! What camera do you use by the way? And do you know the price? The quality to show how great this cafe is amazing *__*

    • Yes, it’s really pretty, hope you can enjoy as much as I do in the cafe. It’s too pretty to give it amiss 🙂 You are welcome, I’m using Olympus Pen EP3 🙂 You mean the price of the food or the camera? 🙂

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