[UNESCO World Heritage] Jongmyo Shrine: A Royal Visit.

Jongmyo is a shrine that did memorial services for the decreased kings and queen during Joseon Dynasty. Sadly, during the invasion of Japanese, its destroyed by the fire, and rebuilt in 1608. Thankful, the king then, took all their shrines and every single one is still intact.

Joined a guided tour, because you really much needed it as, most of the time, you are looking at building, wooden building, and shrine from the far… which you might not understand, what exactly it is. Thanks to our guide who spoke fluent english gives us really good knowledge of the stories back then. It’s indeed a culture highlight to us.

I guessed, sometimes, its really great and interesting that one’s ancestor really document everything down for their descendants to know more about them. Back then, there’s no computer, no iPad, no blogs or internet, thumbs up to all effort for the document, well this is why we need to study history now. hurhur. I’m a history student, though not extremely intelligent, but no harm to know more about a country I really love and enjoy visiting :)

 photo P3240296copy_zps0ab76af6.jpg
 photo P3240297copy_zps2a460acb.jpg
 photo P3240298copy_zps46e6e0e7.jpg
 photo P3240299copy_zps8f7e6ad1.jpg
 photo P3240300copy_zpsa8a9775e.jpg
 photo P3240301copy_zps3217a21b.jpg
 photo P3240302copy_zps0eeb76d5.jpg
 photo P3240303copy_zpsf64561d2.jpg
 photo P3240304copy_zps507ec3f3.jpg
 photo P3240306copy_zps77346c75.jpg
 photo P3240307copy_zps3085e788.jpg
 photo P3240308copy_zps4ac6200d.jpg
 photo P3240309copy_zps48701f8f.jpg
 photo P3240311copy_zps15fa4ef3.jpg
 photo P3240312copy_zps4e520c36.jpg
 photo P3240313copy_zpsdb2b3cc3.jpg
 photo P3240314copy_zpse7097683.jpg# we are not allow to walk on the centre black tiles, its for the royal family spirit to walk during yearly memorial ceremony.


Direction: Jongno-3-ga station Exit 11.
Admission Fees: 1,000won (If you bought 4 palaces integrated tickets, you can use it here!)
Closed: Tuesday
Duration: 1 hour on guided tour (in english, mandarin, korean and japanese)
(Please doesn’t feel reject because its a guided tour, as you very much need tour guide to tell you story behind every shrine.)
Website: Register for Korea Guided Tour


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