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조개창고: Wangsimni BBQ Seafood Buffet

Having seafood meal is usually the last thought I have whenever I am in Seoul. Not because I’m not a seafood lover, I am, in fact, I usually called myself a Marine Killer. I love ocean food 🙂 But having a seafood meal is pretty difficult because Seoul doesn’t have a sea port and it will not be as easy as having seafood in Jeju or Busan. Hence, I have been finding high-and-low for seafood meals in Seoul. Aside from Noryangjin, which both my cousin and I visited a few times, we wanted to explore new places, somewhere which we didn’t try before. Hence, scrolling through weibo become next favourite hobby whenever I am home-bound haha. So glad to actually found – 조개창고 and dying to try it!

조개창고 which translate as Shellfish Warehouse, a place where you get to eats all kinds of shell-type seafood. 조개창고 opens at 5pm daily, and we reached about 6pm, its was almost full. So, I guessed coming slightly before 6pm will be good. My friend who came around 10pm, say the store was pretty empty and some of the seafood wasn’t replenish. I didn’t noticed, but my cousin told me that, there’s a signage stated – While Stock Lasts. Hence, it will be good to be early before all the abalone are gone.

(Sorry for the low quality of the photos, because I didn’t bring my camera out that night :/)

 photo 20141230_210425 copy_zpssn7luvug.jpg#you will be given 2 plates, 1 for seafood, 1 for meat. I guessed this was to minimise wastage.

 photo 20141230_205931 copy_zpsxaarjska.jpg  photo 20141230_191656 copy_zpsht0okdib.jpg
 photo 20141230_191652 copy_zpsfqze1bhy.jpg
 photo 20141230_191520 copy_zpsp2avtvyw.jpg

 photo 20141230_205909 copy_zps6jhvrwar.jpg

 photo 20141230_205902 copy_zpsj52lqs26.jpg

 photo 20141230_205855 copy_zpsznbqdpoh.jpg

 photo 20141230_205851 copy_zpsx3lana0v.jpg

 photo 20141230_205846 copy_zpsekumipdc.jpg

 photo IMG_20141230_195300 copy_zpsssvjjznk.jpg
#its pretty awesome to have so much abalone to eat :p

 photo 20141230_193654 copy_zpsqhmy6vmx.jpg

 photo IMG_20141230_193146 copy_zpsefpltng5.jpg

 photo 20141230_191909 copy_zps4bxfcnhr.jpg


Direction to 조개창고.

 photo 20141230_211240 copy_zpsizm8qqb6.jpg#Wangsimni Station Exit 11. Walk straight directly from the exit you come out with. (Photo just to show how Exit 11 looks like :))

 photo 20141230_211246 copy_zpsqg4egfun.jpg
#continue to walk straight (around 5mins walk)

 photo 20141230_210655 copy_zps4ynhx7po.jpg
#right beside WildRoses 🙂 walk down to basement, and found yourself plates of bbq abalone! 😀


Address // 서울특별시성동구하왕십리동 966-12
Contact // 010-2650-0449
Subway // Wangsimni Exit 11
Cost // 25,000won (25USD) per pax
Open at 5pm daily

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