The Garden of Morning Calm 아침고요수목원

[Travel during December 2014]

If you are planning for a winter trip to Korea this year, you might want to consider The Garden of Morning Calm for its Lighting Festival. This festival will only for 3 months annually, so when I confirmed my trip to Korea last year…. I had to visit here! 🙂

Its takes quite a long journey to travel down, I remembered buying drinks to keep myself warm in the subway while heading over :p I’m very thankful that in Korea, we get to drink on the subway, and surprisingly, there’s no litter around. Sometimes I wish, my country have more civilise people who love their country more.

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#We arrived around 4 plus to withness the “start” of the lighting festival.

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#snowy landscape. Let it go~~~

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 photo PC264086 copy_zpsorjiddlw.jpg
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 photo PC264111 copy_zpsuctdwdyf.jpg
 photo PC264116 copy_zpslgnew9x7.jpg
 photo PC264118 copy_zpsmzlicu3b.jpg photo 2014_1226_173739_001 copy_zpsgfrzjnjc.jpg
 photo PC264123 copy_zpscyxugfjz.jpg
 photo PC264124 copy_zpsze6skg96.jpg
#Its so pretty~ All worth the journey for this! 🙂

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 photo 2014_1226_181434_001 copy_zpszqeyenry.jpg
 photo 2014_1226_181534_004 copy_zpsngkwzkxp.jpg
 photo 2014_1226_214217_001 copy_zps2yvq3u2w.jpg
#After the lighting festival, we headed over to Jaksal for our favourite peanut chicken! 🙂 Thanks Mavis & BF for the treat too! 🙂


아침고요수목원 The Garden of Morning Calm
Lighting Festival 오색별빛정원전

Address in English: 49, Chungnyeong-ro 45beon-gil, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Address in Korean: 경기도 가평군 상면 축령로45번길 49 (상면)
Lighting Festival only available during Winter from December to mid March 🙂

Direction: Subway to 청평역 Cheongpyeong Station & walk to the Bus Terminal to take Bus 31-7 to Garden of Morning Calm ^^
alternative, you can cab over to The Garden of Morning Calm from the train subway that cost roughly 15,000won+-.

5 thoughts on “The Garden of Morning Calm 아침고요수목원”

  • Hi hi,
    Can I check how do you get to lighting festival at Garden of Morning Calm ?
    And from there, how do you get back to Seoul ?
    Thanks for your advise.

    • Hi Florence! 🙂

      I have mentioned in the entry 🙂
      Let me share with you here again 🙂

      Direction: Subway to 청평역 Cheongpyeong Station & walk to the Bus Terminal to take Bus 31-7 to Garden of Morning Calm ^^
      alternative, you can cab over to The Garden of Morning Calm from the train station (Cheongpyeong Station) that cost roughly 15,000won+-.

      On how to go back to Seoul. I took a cab from Garden of the Morning Calm back to Cheongpyeong Station and took the train back to Seoul 😀


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