Lobster Bar at Itaewon

 photo IMG_8150 copy_zpsz7mg4o07.jpg
#menu, and pricings are really reasonable! :D

 photo IMG_8154 copy_zpsmtabagaj.jpg
 photo IMG_8155 copy_zpsjgg2ounj.jpg
 photo IMG_8157 copy_zpsywidm2xa.jpg
 photo IMG_8159 copy_zps1zhfry92.jpg
 photo IMG_8161 copy_zpswoawtxsm.jpg
 photo IMG_8168 copy_zpsbz0syhvb.jpg
#mac and cheese :D

 photo IMG_8170 copy_zpstnjqut7z.jpg
#Lobster BLT / the lobster is very fresh, huge and big! Every mouthbite is a piece of lobster! yumssss!

 photo IMG_8179 copy_zpsg4dwrtfk.jpg
 photo IMG_8181 copy_zpsl1afgjgl.jpg
 photo IMG_8182 copy_zpstugmugbr.jpg
#Connecticut Style Lobster Roll
the lobster piece is so huge that we can’t help to keep taking photo of it!

 photo IMG_8193 copy_zpskteftkss.jpg
 photo IMG_8183 copy_zpsdmq9bovv.jpg
 photo IMG_8189 copy_zps9og2nlyw.jpg
#Maine Style Lobster Roll

 photo IMG_8194 copy_zpshzhhysde.jpg
 photo IMG_8198 copy_zpsv5au8ysh.jpg
 photo IMG_8202 copy_zpslo86bdtf.jpg
 photo IMG_8204 copy_zpsce3xwvod.jpg
 photo IMG_8205 copy_zpsjocqd2dr.jpg
 photo IMG_8207 copy_zpsg1yjumhu.jpg


 photo IMG_8211 copy_zpsomzmtwvf.jpg
Itaewon Exit 4 :)

 photo IMG_8209 copy_zpsmvuwhnwg.jpg
Walk straight after exit at exit 4 :D Continue to walk till you see Mcdonald! :D You are almost there! ^^

 photo IMG_8208 copy_zpsnp06sha9.jpg
# At level 2, located before starbucks! :DDD


Lobster Bar
Address in Korean:서울특별시 용산구 이태원동 56-13
Address in English:  56-13 Itaewon 1 (il)-dong
Contact: 070-8225-3963
Subway Station: Itaewon Station Exit 4
Opening Hours: ~ 3pm and 5pm-10pm (Sundays by 9pm)



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