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[Seoul] Florte Flower Cafe 플로르떼 꽃 카페

[Travel in May 2017]

Happy Birthday to myself. Birthday girl gets her way, decide how her day to be ;)

Florte Flower Cafe by Loving You, is one of the flower cafes I wanted to visit it since last year. I’m glad Carol and Cin were interested and agreed this should be the best cafe to start my birthday day! :)

 photo GOPR1537_1495944920410_high copy_zpsoujkjfgh.jpg photo 20170528_120026 copy_zps8vtzsg2l.jpg
 photo IMG_6935 copy_zps8br1hxah.jpg
 photo IMG_6936 copy_zpsop27cqph.jpg photo IMG_6952 copy_zps5hwdc9wv.jpg photo IMG_6968 copy_zpsuwl6juu6.jpg photo IMG_6953 copy_zpsoufa3frc.jpg
 photo IMG_6938 copy_zpsdxchbg9i.jpg
 photo IMG_6941 copy_zpszfscnalc.jpg
 photo IMG_6942 copy_zpsocnpnxkx.jpg
 photo IMG_6943 copy_zpsvau4rbtf.jpg photo 20170528_130158 copy_zps1o8ed05u.jpg photo IMG_6954 copy_zpshamiberf.jpg

Dessert time! :)

 photo IMG_6945 copy_zpshmc69rud.jpg
 photo 20170528_121342 copy_zpsrzeqt25h.jpg
The ice is in the shape of a Rose, so pretty!

 photo 20170528_121410 copy_zpslt0igscc.jpg
Everything just so pretty, words can’t express as much as the photo I shared.

 photo IMG_6950 copy_zpsvqny10h6.jpg

 photo 20170528_121421 copy_zpsq8midqgv.jpg
 photo 20170528_121645 copy_zpsik4bifvr.jpgThere’s a need to order this because its too pretty!

 photo IMG_6958 copy_zpsnhtqpizq.jpg photo 20170528_122112 copy_zpsiu6mvwbh.jpg
 photo 20170528_121733 copy_zpsccaqo4xj.jpg
 photo GOPR1533_1495944920410_high copy_zpsuyq7dqev.jpg

Direction to Florte Flower Cafe at Hongdae, Seoul

 photo IMG_6926 copy_zps5kn4wldc.jpg
Hongdae Exit 6, Walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6927 copy_zpswnjcdh6b.jpg
#continue to walk straight ;)

 photo IMG_6928 copy_zpsf9a3nhpy.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6929 copy_zpsf6uwxvlo.jpg
#make a left turn here :)

 photo IMG_6930 copy_zpslhlily29.jpg
#and you reached!

 photo IMG_6931 copy_zpsfewvv3mc.jpg
#I love pretty cafe! :)


Florte Flower Cafe
Address: 22 Sinchon-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Nearest Subway: Hongik University Station Exit 6
Operating Hours: 10:30am – 11:00pm (Last order 10:30pm)
Wifi: Yes, ID: florte PW: florte22
Drama: Entertainer EP17, Yoseob Birthday (2017)on VAPP with Junhyung Cameo

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Peony Cafe Hongdae

[Travel in Decmeber 2015]

[!!!] They will be relocated, last day of business will be on 30 November. 

New located cafe is now a bigger and more spacious one for all strawberries lovers! :)

 photo IMG_7790 copy_zpsgcdbik4y.jpg
 photo IMG_7794 copy_zpsscmwh2ti.jpg
 photo IMG_7796 copy_zpsntbxf9my.jpg
 photo IMG_7798 copy_zpsocxiir0u.jpg
 photo IMG_7800 copy_zps7puhuqlj.jpg
 photo IMG_7801 copy_zpsozypzeue.jpg
 photo IMG_7802 copy_zps8qslw1q3.jpg
#strawberry cake that is so soft and tasty! Strawberries were sweet! :)

 photo IMG_7804 copy_zpsvv9o6ovl.jpg
 photo IMG_7807 copy_zpsj7cg4gsg.jpg
 photo IMG_7811 copy_zpsh41jfadc.jpg
 photo IMG_7814 copy_zpsbkjd4etr.jpg
 photo IMG_7816 copy_zpsvz4mxcr1.jpg
 photo IMG_7817 copy_zpskkgnpunc.jpg
# Milk Bingsu with Strawberries! :)

 photo IMG_7818 copy_zpskzngjlyn.jpg

 photo IMG_7819 copy_zpsmsig53uq.jpg
 the bingsu is so nice, its yummy even without the strawberries! :) Aside from sulbing, this is the best! :)


 photo IMG_7849 copy_zps0qzephri.jpg
# Hongdae Exit 9

 photo IMG_7850 copy_zpsci03xkbg.jpg
#walk straight after exit 9! :)

 photo IMG_7845 copy_zpsq7nsxr2k.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_7844 copy_zpsdzhbgbcn.jpg
#turned left :)

 photo IMG_7842 copy_zpsechdwzqe.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_7841 copy_zpsxhu5jlyh.jpg
#getting close, but continue to walk straight along New Balance store :)

 photo IMG_7838 copy_zpsbbylkr6b.jpg
#turn left when you see Over The Dish and walk along the path! :)

 photo IMG_7836 copy_zps6pjbwyjm.jpg
#continue to walk straight and turn right when you see Ediya Coffee

 photo IMG_7835 copy_zpsolilm55a.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :D

 photo IMG_7832 copy_zps8hfykegy.jpg
#almost almost!!!

 photo IMG_7830 copy_zpshw5vapm4.jpg
#this is the building, continue to walk straight and there will be a lift up :)
(side track, you see the building in the front with a T. Thats the Twosome Studio that YG’s producer Teddy own) 

 photo IMG_7827 copy_zps6h3wcdpm.jpg
#level 2 is for take away :)

 photo IMG_7828 copy_zps6yqb1dop.jpg
#go in here :)

 photo IMG_7826 copy_zps6l22shcr.jpg
#and take a lift up to level 4 :)

 photo IMG_7790 copy_zpsgcdbik4y.jpg

홍대 피오니 카페  Peony Cafe at Hongdae 
Address in Korea: 홍대 · 서울시 마포구 서교동 343-11 2층, 4층
Tel: 02-333-5325
Wifi ID: cafe5G
Wifi PW: tm123456
Level 2 for Take-away and Level 4 for dine in! :)

Bong Dae Bak – Uongole Spaghetti House

Last year march when we visited Thanks Nature Cafe, we happened to see the Uongole Spaghetti House next to it, looking really extremely delicious. But with heavy stomach and we only managed to fill our tummy with only strawberry waffles at Thanks Nature Cafe. So, we demanded a-must-visit eatery this time (when we visited in august 2013, its been a year!).

As this trip was kinda impromptu, not exactly few weeks before the rush, but we decided to go for it only if we managed to get our encore tickets and only deciding the day before their HK’s tour. Guess we were not very particular for seating, as our wish is really simple – be part of the orange sea. And with a little bit of luck, we managed to get the tickets within 15minutes…? Happy and definitely, we were excited as well as we were able to meet our friend Kyungbin for a meal. Having thinking where to have our meal together because she was staying a little far and having her to travel to the city of seoul will be a little bit too far :) So, we settled with Bong Dae Bak at Hongdae! :)

 photo P8013554copy_zps1bf55387.jpg photo P8013538copy_zps7b6036f5.jpg
 photo P8013540copy_zps133c9b95.jpg
the bun – crispy outside and soft in the inside, it tasted real good.

 photo P8013541copy_zps66226530.jpg
 photo P8013542copy_zps0d03627a.jpgKyungbin & Cin

 photo P8013543copy_zps983bb762.jpgFusion with Korean touch. It’s 짬뽕 pasta! :)
It’s spicy and its in fact tasted pretty good!.

 photo P8013546copy_zps8d61ef7c.jpg
 photo P8013549copy_zps8c3ff835.jpgwe ordered what others ordered too. And it tasted GOOD :)

 photo P8013550copy_zps7841b057.jpg
 photo P8013553copy_zps288e32cb.jpgthis carbonara was good. okay, I think I need another visit the next trip :)

 photo P8013555copy_zpse2dd577c.jpg
 photo P8013556copy_zpseeffbf27.jpg
 photo P8013557copy_zpsf4947371.jpgAnd we went next door for their dessert! Yes, the sheep cafe, we all love :)

 photo P8013558copy_zps70c02c37.jpg
 photo P8013559copy_zpsa7ac6a03.jpg
 photo P8013560copy_zpsd62ac0f6.jpg
 photo P8013562copy_zpse016f6c0.jpg
 photo P8013564copy_zps2530f9b5.jpg
 photo P8013565copy_zps1214054b.jpg
 photo P8013566copy_zps02fe629f.jpg
 photo P8013567copy_zpse213cd32.jpg

Hongik Station Exit 9
Walk Straight till you reached cross junction, turn LEFT.
About 5-8minutes look out for the store at your LEFT.
It’s located at Basement :)

Hashtag: #3doryinKR2013Encore

aA Cafe, The Design Museum at Hongdae

aA design museum is not just a museum, its also gather the fun of design, arts and definitely korea’s culture – coffee and dessert. This might look like another ordinary cafe that serves drinks, but you could never imagine the furniture you seen is all over the world. The owner of this entire loft is owned by Kim Myung Hwan, a famous vintage furniture collector.  The collection varies and are also for sales for you whom might be interested :) Such cosy yet design place in a noisy hip Hongdae is really worth visiting.

 photo P3260584copy_zps04b69f54.jpg
 photo P3260581copy_zpsd220cf7c.jpg
 photo P3260573copy_zpseefa3285.jpg
 photo P3260572copy_zpsf8635c8e.jpg
 photo P3260570copy_zps5ed488e7.jpg
 photo P3260580copy_zpsa43ca48f.jpg
 photo P3260579copy_zps86c314a9.jpg
 photo 20140326_194514copy_zpsb21aae8b.jpg
 photo P3260576copy_zps3b9950e3.jpg
 photo P3260575copy_zps1811156f.jpg

While searching the exact address for this aA Cafe when I’m back to realize that this cafe is used as BoA’s Only One MV. I didn’t know much about the MV only to know much more after I’m back. This is a very pretty cafe to visit, so I guess its still worth visiting even you are not a KPOP fan.

Operating Hours
12:00 – 24:00 (Mon – Sun)

02 – 3143 – 7312

서울시 마포구 서교동 408-11

Hello Kitty Cafe, Hongdae

[!!!!] This Hello Kitty Cafe have been relocated.
New address: 서울 마포구와우산로 19길 18

Cute, Pink is something I believe most girls’ can’t resist.
Furthermore, a cafe that give you everything from cute to sweet treats!

Finally during my 3rd trip! I’m able to go experience the cuteness of the cafe! :D

 photo P4021556copy_zps94e3076c.jpg

 photo P4021557copy_zpsb46dcb41.jpg

 photo P4021558copy_zps51b8ef09.jpg

 photo P4021554copy_zps41d014cb.jpg

 photo P4021553copy_zpsf3768d30.jpg

 photo P4021551copy_zps521a6c32.jpg

 photo P4021550copy_zps8265aaad.jpg

 photo P4021548copy_zpsd19b35eb.jpg

 photo P4021547copy_zpsb39b20a4.jpg

 photo P4021546copy_zps6f0507b0.jpg

 photo P4021545copy_zpsbb89e9dc.jpg

 photo P4021549copy_zpsd9379f8d.jpg

 photo P4021544copy_zpsde0a830c.jpg

 photo P4021543copy_zpsdd73366f.jpg

 photo P4021542copy_zps7f6c3dca.jpg

 photo P4021541copy_zps16b29ecc.jpg

 photo P4021552copy_zps31a53cfa.jpg

 photo P4021540copy_zps67daddeb.jpg

 photo P4021539copy_zps389b2bea.jpg

 photo P4021538copy_zps097f0dc5.jpg

 photo P4021537copy_zpsfb804ec2.jpg

 photo P4021536copy_zpsf4139409.jpg

 photo P4021535copy_zps6c29e11b.jpg

 photo P4021534copy_zps9ed9f47d.jpg

 photo P4021533copy_zpsfd2cdc32.jpg

 photo P4021561copy_zpsbb6c79ea.jpg

 photo P4021559copy_zpsa236d18c.jpg

 photo P4021569copy_zps2ef2cc65.jpg

 photo P4021565copy_zpsf4850edc.jpg

 photo P4021564copy_zps0e934ca0.jpg

358-112, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea