A to Z Cafe at Sinchon

[Travelled in December 2015]

Exploring cafes during holidays seem to be one of the things I love to do. Spending my free time at home when there’s no work, scrolling on my phone (forever) looking for hidden gems. And, the list just get longer and longer… I’m not complaining because its really enjoyable to spend like 1 hour plus in a (different) cafe every time, drinking my favourite black tea latte and have a chat or looking through the photos (we took) with your travel companion :) It just spelled perfect :)

 photo IMG_8556 copy_zps56tcrswv.jpg
 photo IMG_8559 copy_zpszsgjxtps.jpg
 photo IMG_8562 copy_zpsj8jzpcst.jpg

 photo IMG_8566 copy_zpswibhek9d.jpg
 photo IMG_8568 copy_zpsteaqudtx.jpg
 photo IMG_8570 copy_zpsgalccccs.jpg photo IMG_8563 copy_zpshm9vh5ou.jpg photo IMG_8575 copy_zpsgcippzoj.jpg photo IMG_8584 copy_zpsovo2danb.jpg
 photo IMG_8577 copy_zps0tf6emac.jpg photo IMG_8581 copy_zpsvyz4r2ua.jpg
 photo IMG_8580 copy_zpseju1uph4.jpgMenu :)
 photo IMG_8578 copy_zpsdohnrrop.jpg
 photo IMG_8586 copy_zps5odpi5oi.jpg
 photo IMG_8591 copy_zpspl0fhetd.jpg
ordered their special – Strawberry Latte :)

 photo IMG_8601 copy_zpshhc33np4.jpg photo IMG_8599 copy_zpsgbwjtetg.jpg
 photo IMG_8595 copy_zpsroacswda.jpg
 photo IMG_8596 copy_zpsdu0j3yga.jpg
 photo IMG_8608 copy_zpsdiamec27.jpg
 photo IMG_8612 copy_zps9fwofrkj.jpg


 photo PC254024 copy_zpszmrk8nrt.jpg
#Sinchon Exit 3

 photo PC254025 copy_zpsf4lgawws.jpg
#Walk straight

 photo PC254019 copy_zpsjla7ongi.jpg
#Turn into the lane where Paris Baguette is.

 photo PC254018 copy_zpstlet1t2t.jpg
 photo PC254017 copy_zpshu9vgeyp.jpg
#walk towards the mini stop lane

 photo PC254016 copy_zpsatogbscn.jpg
#continue to walk straight and you will find, A to Z Cafe on your right :)

 photo IMG_8611 copy_zpsr0fevukg.jpg

A to Z Cafe 에이투지 카페

Address in Korean: 서울특별시 서대문구 창천동 13-42
Contact: 02-313-7523
Operating Hours: 11:30am – 2:00am
Subway: Sinchon Station, Exit 3
Wifi Available: atozcafe
Speciality: Strawberry Latte :D

You may also wish to visit the other pretty cafe – Chloris Tea & Coffee that is just few unit away :)


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