Line Friends Flagship Store, Itaewon

[Travel in December 2015]

Previously, I have blogged the Line Flagship Store at Sinsa, and I’m really sure, this one at Itaewon is even worth the visit! πŸ™‚ There’s a total of 3 flagship store in Seoul right now, and, the one in Itaewon make you speechless and wish that you have bring more cash to buy everything back! πŸ™‚ A building of total 3 storey high, with a concept cafe at the top level is a must visit too. A place to have a drink before impulsive purchase :p

 photo IMG_8225 copy_zpss7jrrman.jpg
 photo IMG_8215 copy_zps5z3kql8o.jpg
 photo IMG_8219 copy_zpsy7sbgoaq.jpg
 photo IMG_8221 copy_zpsrsmupiw2.jpg
and guess who, is waiting for us at the doorstep? πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_8291 copy_zpskxptxfvn.jpg
 photo IMG_8245 copy_zps6wcgsjml.jpg
 photo IMG_8227 copy_zps7cjk3mg7.jpg
 photo IMG_8231 copy_zpsr8yj4hth.jpg
 photo IMG_8232 copy_zps981bsjgb.jpg
its just level 1 and, there’s so much things to buy!!!

 photo IMG_8233 copy_zpsnrcecbv7.jpg
 photo IMG_8234 copy_zpsomrtegup.jpg
 photo IMG_8237 copy_zpsmmlhnbcu.jpg
 photo IMG_8242 copy_zpsp6uaxt4k.jpg
 photo IMG_8247 copy_zpsj23pa6uo.jpg
 photo IMG_8246 copy_zps89kcfuh8.jpg
 photo IMG_8249 copy_zpsfsdvecvb.jpg
 photo IMG_8251 copy_zps3gjx83jm.jpg
 photo IMG_8254 copy_zps0mcqi5ha.jpg
 photo IMG_8256 copy_zpsnqcjpvft.jpg
 photo IMG_8259 copy_zpsrpebm7in.jpg
 photo IMG_8260 copy_zpsadumywpc.jpg
 photo IMG_8261 copy_zpso8bcgple.jpg
 photo IMG_8262 copy_zpso6vl6ulc.jpg
 photo IMG_8263 copy_zpsmyvfravq.jpg
 photo IMG_8275 copy_zpsnvdvrobt.jpg

I think we probably spent 30mins (at least) at level 1 just plainly taking photos haha :p

 photo IMG_8230 copy_zpsbij231oe.jpg

Proceed to level 2 now πŸ™‚ woohooo!~

 photo IMG_8229 copy_zpsasbhloxr.jpg
 photo IMG_8302 copy_zpstgcbuufp.jpg
 photo IMG_8305 copy_zpsd6lqqado.jpg
 photo IMG_8307 copy_zpsojgm6gav.jpg
 photo IMG_8308 copy_zpsmy5j63jt.jpg
 photo IMG_8313 copy_zpsosovzsrl.jpg
 photo IMG_8315 copy_zpsbtfg12rv.jpg
 photo IMG_8318 copy_zpsvehxysfp.jpg
 photo IMG_8319 copy_zps3dvcwi9w.jpg
 photo IMG_8320 copy_zps9ugqur7v.jpg
 photo IMG_8321 copy_zps07fbruvb.jpg
 photo IMG_8322 copy_zpsr59tii8i.jpg

Level 2 is full of clothings + home living! How i wish i can bring them back too!

 photo IMG_8323 copy_zps8zlhgnbz.jpg
 photo IMG_8324 copy_zps4ifvju1y.jpg
 photo IMG_8326 copy_zps48pzf9cq.jpg
 photo IMG_8327 copy_zps4ty8mfyh.jpg
 photo IMG_8333 copy_zpszxc5mo2a.jpg
 photo IMG_8334 copy_zpsemga1oec.jpg
 photo IMG_8341 copy_zpsjsksldbg.jpg
 photo IMG_8348 copy_zpsnlww4pz8.jpg
 photo IMG_8350 copy_zpsmccvmebl.jpg
I want the Lamp! I want the Bear! I want the Quilt! Aiya, I want to bring all home! :/

 photo IMG_8440 copy_zpssdc7wfwk.jpg
 photo IMG_8353 copy_zpsygbu6xnv.jpg
 photo IMG_8354 copy_zpsotll51mu.jpg
 photo IMG_8357 copy_zpsds8l6hop.jpg
 photo IMG_8360 copy_zpss87peqw0.jpg
 photo IMG_8363 copy_zpsidp1xtc1.jpg
 photo IMG_8364 copy_zpscxpsfwy4.jpg
 photo IMG_8370 copy_zpsrecr6ulb.jpg

Level 3, the cafe! πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_8373 copy_zpsffpiwzdi.jpg
 photo IMG_8374 copy_zps8ztvn3z3.jpg
 photo IMG_8377 copy_zpsd3pt4lne.jpg
Naughty Brown ate Sally Macarons :p

 photo IMG_8378 copy_zpscdklpuqe.jpg
 photo IMG_8380 copy_zpsirudukns.jpg
 photo IMG_8381 copy_zpsep5mvwx5.jpg
 photo IMG_8384 copy_zps4gev2hyb.jpg
 photo IMG_8386 copy_zps1eykbvzl.jpg
Dont you want to have everything!?

 photo IMG_8387 copy_zpswbeiyooi.jpg
 photo IMG_8388 copy_zpspwzf0n9t.jpg
 photo IMG_8392 copy_zpsrgajz3hb.jpg
 photo IMG_8393 copy_zpspditn7zv.jpg
 photo IMG_8394 copy_zpslcuzukpg.jpg
 photo IMG_8395 copy_zpsajsjiffs.jpg
 photo IMG_8397 copy_zpsomygqik6.jpg
 photo IMG_8399 copy_zpsu1pjrrmw.jpg
 photo IMG_8401 copy_zpsiuuxgkqi.jpg
 photo IMG_8402 copy_zpsrts6w8nu.jpg
Our Orders! :p

 photo IMG_8404 copy_zpsdpff4gqb.jpg
 photo IMG_8406 copy_zpse4wpnn7k.jpg
yes, i bring back that bottle! :p

 photo IMG_8408 copy_zpsi815mgud.jpg
 photo IMG_8412 copy_zpse4a6vcqs.jpg
 photo IMG_8416 copy_zps27msynhj.jpg
 photo IMG_8421 copy_zpsatxfydoz.jpg
 photo IMG_8425 copy_zpsokttoupj.jpg
 photo IMG_8426 copy_zpstnhsluwv.jpg
 photo IMG_8428 copy_zps90nxatvn.jpg
 photo IMG_8430 copy_zpsw20ujmfi.jpg
 photo IMG_8433 copy_zpsa1vpjvsr.jpg
 photo IMG_8435 copy_zpsbr2rcwya.jpg
#we actually waited for quite awhile, before the person went off!!!

 photo IMG_8438 copy_zpsw6ewls1z.jpg
 photo IMG_8439 copy_zpskxzvofph.jpg


 photo IMG_8213 copy_zpsbopbpolb.jpg
#Itaewon Station, Exit3, Walk straight and you will spot a pink building on your right in less than 5 minute walk πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_8215 copy_zps5z3kql8o.jpg
#and tadah~ you arrived πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_8225 copy_zpss7jrrman.jpg

Line Flagship Store @ Itaewon

Address:Β 126 Hangangno-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact:Β +82 2-790-0901
Operation Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm
Station: Itaewon Station, Exit 3


Hashtag #thankyouhellosihui if youΒ visited there via my guide πŸ™‚

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