Chloris Tea & Coffee 클로리스 티 & 커피

My love for tea is crazy especially whenever I back home in Korea. Basically, I drink everyday, and at times twice a day… I feel guilty and fattening but, you know I don’t go home often and the tea back home is really so much awesome! My previous post shared how much I love about being in cafe and visiting cafes too, and now, I bringing my both loves together~ I found out that there’s a cafe that is famous of their Earl Grey Bingsoo. Wow, you know Namsan + Bingsoo is a must for every Korea visit, if not, you never been to Korea before! haha :/

I supposed to visit the one at Hongdae, which is just opposite the sheep cafe, and to my surprise, there’s also one outlet just right in Sinchon. Now you know why I love Sinchon? They have everything! Yes, everything! 🙂 When I was researching about this cafe, its really beautiful and classic english looking that I guess its really perfect for a short tea time. (Though it does sound crazy to have bingsoo in winter, but you know its really fun!)

 photo PC254010 copy_zpsfribea1e.jpg

 photo PC254013 copy_zpsuihtntm0.jpg

 photo PC254011 copy_zpswxziimay.jpg

 photo PC254014 copy_zpsfma1jovi.jpg

 photo PC254008 copy_zpshv6epaga.jpg

 photo PC254006 copy_zpsazdf7cbu.jpg

 photo PC254007 copy_zpsdifn9dzk.jpg

 photo PC254005 copy_zps5blrlcsc.jpg

 photo PC253975 copy_zpsbmtotu7y.jpg

 photo PC253978 copy_zpscjkkqgpf.jpg

 photo PC253977 copy_zps0nsdexup.jpg

 photo PC253973 copy_zps3h7qytmq.jpg

 photo PC253969 copy_zpscdny118v.jpg

 photo PC253968 copy_zpsfivpxcaj.jpg

 photo PC253985 copy_zpspvpuubx6.jpg

 photo PC253987 copy_zps3oaoozta.jpg

 photo PC253988 copy_zpslh2cnbtb.jpg

 photo PC253990 copy_zps1om41yo7.jpg

 photo PC253993 copy_zpsnsjkj54m.jpg

 photo PC253983 copy_zpscrljkua5.jpg

 photo PC253970 copy_zpsnf80eqx7.jpg

 photo PC253980 copy_zpsg6a0wzsh.jpg

And, we went up a level to take a look at the top level of the cafe, and realise what my friend is really right about christmas in korea. its a couple day! Probably, my cousin and I was the only 2 girls sitting in the cafe! haha

 photo PC254004 copy_zpsxmpiweud.jpg

 photo PC254001 copy_zpsowactr5e.jpg

 photo PC254000 copy_zpsdb8mzgji.jpg

 photo PC253998 copy_zps6216udsg.jpg

 photo PC253996 copy_zpsjaey1ggg.jpg

Direction to Chloris Tea & Coffee Cafe. 

 photo PC254024 copy_zpszmrk8nrt.jpg
#Sinchon Exit 3

 photo PC254025 copy_zpsf4lgawws.jpg
#Walk straight (It’s quite pack that day because its XMAS EVE, and according to my friend, all couples will be out on the street)

 photo PC254019 copy_zpsjla7ongi.jpg
#Turn into the lane where Paris Baguette is.

 photo PC254018 copy_zpstlet1t2t.jpg

 photo PC254017 copy_zpshu9vgeyp.jpg
#walk towards the mini stop lane

 photo PC254016 copy_zpsatogbscn.jpg
#continue to walk straight and you will find, chloris tea & coffee on your right 🙂

 photo PC254009 copy_zpssitn3ss8.jpg
#And you see this pretty english looking cafe on your right! Walk up the stairs and have a great tea time with your friends now 🙂

 photo PC253984 copy_zpsnxbgi2ja.jpg
#And I ended my entry with our photo! That’s Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas to everyone! (a little late, but never too late!)


Chloris Tea & Coffee (Sinchon) 카페 클로리스

Address // 신촌본점  서울 서대문구 창천동 13-35
Reservation // 02-312-7523
Speciality //  Earl Grey Milk Tea & Bingsoo
Subway //  Sinchon Exit 3
Operation Hour //  1:00pm – 00:00 midnight

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