#fly2perth : Prologue

I have heard alot of my friends sharing how boring Perth is and how they doesn’t want a return trip there. But, I love Perth, enjoyed alot during the 10 days I am there. Its not my first time to Australia, I have been to Melbourne and Tasmania and really love there especially Tasmania. Aside from Korea, Australia is my favourite place to visit. So, I am in fact looking so much forward to Perth.

While doing research about Perth, I got really excited because of I wanted to try alot of activties and visit alot of places of interests. On top of everything, I am going to meet 3 group of friends that I haven been meeting for very long!

So much so, its all about excitement.
(L to R) Brunch, Hot Airballoon, By the Sea

perth1-_0001_Layer 1

Not only this, we went for to an island:Rottnest with Zijie, our secondary school friend! 🙂

perth1-_0000_Layer 2

I remembered I was really busy that period (May 2015 – October 2015), so this Perth trip right after my busy period came right in time. In fact, I can’t wait for the 10 days break and have lots of fun there.

I will be sharing all my 10 days in Perth from today onwards. Hope you will love Perth as much as I do 🙂

(side track, i’m keeping some nice places to visit in korea after this, so stay tune!)
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