#fly2perth : Day 8, Hot Air Balloon!

[Travel in October/November 2015]

We had a very very early sleep because we need to arrive at Avon Valley meeting point at 4am. That’s make us leaving our hotel by 2pm, and it means, sleep real early! But, its all worth for a Hot Air Balloon experience! πŸ™‚ Apparently, we were the only foreigners while the rest came from different part of Australia πŸ™‚

After the meeting point, they will send us to the hot air balloon location and remind us not to bring any bags. We were only allowed to bring things that is able to contain in our pockets and camera are fine, as long take off and landing we have to keep within our jacket (etc).

 photo IMG_4969 copy_zpsxvlpdokj.jpg

Setting up the hot air balloon! πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_4984 copy_zpsej6anmzx.jpg

 photo IMG_4989 copy_zps2kuqkdh8.jpg

 photo IMG_4998 copy_zps840tvzjk.jpg
one of my favourite shot! πŸ˜€

 photo IMG_4983 copy_zpswnwibxjc.jpg
soon the sky was alot brighter by then! πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_4994 copy_zpsn7ypsuly.jpg

and slowly we got on and off we flew~~ πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_5005 copy_zpsfr6ktlj2.jpg

 photo IMG_5006 copy_zpsxktlgo6i.jpg

 photo IMG_5007 copy_zpsmwgf6nv5.jpg

 photo IMG_5001 copy_zpsyn4lb1gv.jpg

 photo IMG_5012 copy_zpsxlbfuhlu.jpg

 photo IMG_5014 copy_zpsaaeivnkj.jpg

 photo IMG_5015 copy_zpseah20nec.jpg

 photo IMG_5016 copy_zpsaa9zxvqq.jpg

 photo IMG_5035 copy_zpswbbnjxp7.jpg

 photo IMG_5037 copy_zpsr14cyszj.jpg

 photo IMG_5047 copy_zpsp0emzada.jpg

 photo IMG_5051 copy_zpsdhacmddh.jpg
That’s the guy who control the flying direction and thanks god we got safe and sound because of him too! πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_5077 copy_zpsjavonzwm.jpg

 photo IMG_5087 copy_zpswdd6j7dj.jpg

 photo IMG_5091 copy_zpshdubzws5.jpg

 photo IMG_5096 copy_zpsfbhmimr5.jpg
Saw our shadow?

 photo IMG_5099 copy_zpsl3fxm84x.jpg

 photo IMG_5101 copy_zpszebnuy6k.jpg
And we landed! πŸ˜€ (Though i have minor injuries, but the experience was a little exciting towards the end. Quite interesting I would said. But definitely not a children activity!

 photo IMG_5108 copy_zpshw9mlw3v.jpg

 photo IMG_5113 copy_zps62uha35e.jpg

 photo IMG_5130 copy_zps2pizn9tn.jpg

 photo IMG_5131 copy_zps2byjsq6i.jpg

We headed over to a breakfast place to have our breakfast and champagne that is inclusive in the hot air balloon package! πŸ™‚ The spread was not bad pretty good, and the grandmother and grandfather who sit opposite us was really amuse by the big watermelon cover I had, and thought it was pretty abnormal hahahahaha! πŸ˜›

 photo IMG_5134 copy_zpsvqrr3cip.jpg

 photo IMG_5136 copy_zps9ownzxea.jpg

It was a long tired day for us because of the little sleep & the long journey to and back. Hence, we decided to go back bath and have another rest before heading out for dinner at 5pm. And our dinner was the very famous Italian restaurant – Ciao Italia~~~

 photo IMG_5153 copy_zpsa882caqc.jpg

 photo IMG_5155 copy_zpsl06urkab.jpg

 photo IMG_5139 copy_zpsvuvo5tiv.jpg

 photo IMG_5140 copy_zpsumylyfky.jpg

 photo IMG_5142 copy_zps2lh3dbww.jpg
The most awesome calarmari we ever ate! Its so good so yummy so nice that we wished we had a longer trip and headed over for another visit again.

 photo IMG_5143 copy_zpsoiyrnjcc.jpg
It really deserve 2 pictures for this posting! haha πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_5145 copy_zpsaufcwavu.jpg
We ordered a squid ink pasta in seafood carbonara sauce too! Its really good too. We doesn’t have enough stomach for dessert or pizza. Actually, we cant finished our food either haha. We actually do a take-away and have it again the next day as our brunch! πŸ˜€

As much as we were really full, and not willing to go back to our hotel as its one of our last few nights in Perth before heading back to SG πŸ™ So we decided to go for a drink! We passed this cafe on our way back, and thought of might as well visiting this place. Its a random finds, and we thought it worth coming back again for their drinks and atmosphere! πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_5156 copy_zpszuj6e1ot.jpg

 photo IMG_5157 copy_zpsc27mx2ps.jpg

 photo IMG_5160 copy_zpse12kllor.jpg

 photo IMG_5163 copy_zpskeyyyz8l.jpg

 photo IMG_5167 copy_zpsqqtzm8em.jpg

 photo IMG_5180 copy_zpswtzs6x6i.jpg
And we give in a lemon tart, even we are freaking full haha :/

 photo IMG_5181 copy_zpsvyczk2gg.jpg
Chai Latte~~~

 photo IMG_5190 copy_zpsqof1xr0z.jpg

Perth Day 8:Β Hot Air Balloon + the best calamari in the universe! πŸ™‚

Morning Activities: Windward Balloon Adventures
Dinner: Dinner at Ciao Italia (Address: 273 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia)
Cafe:Β May Street Larder (Address:Β 23/155 Canning Hwy, East Fremantle WA 6158, Australia)
Hotel: Pier 21 Apartment Hotel

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