[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 20


Good Morning! It’s a raining morning, and we saw a really big wide beautiful rainbow but, sadly… it’s too far to capture on phone πŸ™

 photo 20171105_095224 copy_zpsveowepb1.jpg
It’s our day to travel to ChristChurch today! But we decided to have our breakfast at Mr Ferg at the city centre before heading over πŸ™‚
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Arriving Mr Ferg Burger with anticipating because its seems like everyone asked us to try when they heard of using heading to NZ.
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 photo IMG_1041 copy_zpsrew6xzgu.jpg
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Not a beef person, so opt for the fish. Might not be the best option… But the fish is good!
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 photo IMG_1047 copy_zps4vvo9khc.jpg
 photo IMG_1045 copy_zpsshw2orkn.jpg
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Not difficult to guess which flavour I picked. It’s really cold that day, but I feel if I didn’t eat I will regret lol. Teng opt for her donut as she can’t forget how good it was yesterday!
 photo 20171105_103239 copy_zpsd2ossse7.jpg


 photo IMG_1050 copy_zpsei4amhuc.jpg
After many hours of drive, we finally reached our place!
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 photo IMG_1052 copy_zpsnmbe0zdr.jpg

I love how big this airbnb is because, when packing is involve you need this space. Its only within 10minutes away from the airport too. Perfect for a return flight home!

And, we almost forget its weekend, and headed to a quiet city centre of Christchurch hahahahahahaha!

 photo IMG_1053 copy_zpszijpyvd0.jpg
 photo IMG_1054 copy_zpsdq1tu79z.jpg
 photo IMG_1055 copy_zps2yeirqaa.jpg
 photo IMG_1056 copy_zpsxhijm8ol.jpg
 photo 20171105_174031 copy_zpsfq6e4onl.jpg
This quiet haha.
 photo IMG_1057 copy_zpseojxu3ta.jpg
Our last dinner in NZ made by teng, and we eating penang kwaytiao!Β ?

And this also mean, we spent the next few hours, packing our luggages and watching Netflix haha!

Canon M3, Go Pro 4 Hero, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


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