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꼬꼬아찌 신촌점

[Travel in March / April 2018]

“I wanted to find more nice yummy food around Sinchon, and bring all my friends here whenever we are here for holiday”

This is exactly what I tell my friends before every single trip to Korea. I felt the instant happiness whenever they told me, that they had a great time in Korea and loved the cafes/restaurant that I brought them.

Today will be something simple, yet I want to be back especially for a late night dinner! 🙂

small eatery but packed.
The menu 🙂
I always like this kind of salad? haha!
Soju bomb haha!
Cheers for more happy holidays together!
so the food is here! Char-grilled chicken with dry ramyeon – almost perfect! 🙂
I love their noodles too, the one that taste similar to Palbo BiBimMyeon (instant dry noodle, that I loved alot)

Direction sto 꼬꼬아찌 신촌점

Sinchon Station, Exit 2, walked out turn right 🙂
After Exit, turn left towards Sinchon main street
Walk straight 🙂
Continue straight 🙂
Pass by U-Plex, and continue straight 🙂
MCD in front, and about to turn left 🙂
Turn left right here 🙂
Pass by GS25, continue to walk straight
Continue to walk straight 🙂
On your right 🙂
Yummy food, just in awhile! 🙂

꼬꼬아찌 신촌점

Address: 서울 서대문구 연세로9길 16복사 지번창천동 52-23 1층지
Operation Hours: 3pm – 2am, last order 1am
Contact: +82 2-336-8743
Nearest Subway: Sinchon Station Exit 2

Overall Rating: 7/10
Amount Spent: ~29USD
My Recommendations: Chargrilled Chicken with Noodle
Best Part: Good in flavour

Will I come back? Yes!


  • Goes well with drinks, try soju-bomb! 🙂

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