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꼬꼬아찌 홍대점

[Travel in March/April 2019]

Remembered the one we had in Sinchon last year? This time, we visited the one in Hongdae, yummy yummy yum yum! 🙂

꼬꼬아찌 숯불치킨 홍대점 🙂
#close up 1
#close up 2
#close up 3. this taste so good with the dipping spicy sauce they given! 😀

Direction to 꼬꼬아찌 홍대점

 photo IMG_6560 copy_zps9iwua3u1.jpg
Exit 9 and walk straight 🙂
 photo IMG_6562 copy_zps5mjf1i0v.jpg
]Exit 9 you will see ABC Mart on your left… continue to walk straight! 🙂
 photo IMG_6564 copy_zpsofe9vk0b.jpg
#Cross the traffic light towards SPAO and turn left 🙂
 photo IMG_6567 copy_zpsnwitevgh.jpg
#walk straight, and you will see Forever 21 on your right…
 photo IMG_6570 copy_zpsfiusww2h.jpg
#Bershka on your right as well, continue to walk straight 🙂
Turn right, into the main hongdae shopping street! 🙂
Walk straight! 🙂
Till you see Luxury KTV, turn left 🙂
Walk straight till you see Artbox! 🙂
Turn right here, and walk straight! 🙂
꼬꼬아찌 숯불치킨 홍대점 🙂
Yummy food is all you need! hurhurhur~

꼬꼬아찌 숯불치킨 홍대점

Address: 주소 서울특별시 마포구 와우산로21길 31-10
Operation Hours: 3pm – 2am
Nearest Subway: Hongdae Station

Overall Rating: 8/10
Amount Spent: 23.50USD
My Recommendations: I still prefer their 숯불 순살양념 which we ordered at Sinchon Outlet, but halfhalf is great too! yums!

Will I come back? Yes! Definitely!


  • 숯불 순살양념 is a little spicy but if you prefer non-spicy, can try the halfhalf option just like us! 🙂

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