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이중생활 Double Life

[Travel in March/April 2019]

Today, bringing you a new cafe in Itaewon area. It’s been a long while since I explored here. Let’s all follow #hellosihuigoeskorea to explore another new cafe this time! 😀

Double Life
Double Life in the day time!
aesthetic everywhere!
in this small cafe
table for 2!
our orders!
love how it looks!
이중생활 in the evening 🙂
이중생활 in the evening 🙂

Direction to 이중생활 Double Life

Noksapyeong Station Exit 1, cross the road, and walk towards the bridge!
Climb up the bridge! 🙂
walk towards the end of the bridge, turn left!
(along the way, on your left side, you will get to see Namsan Seoul Tower)
turn left here! 😀 – cross over towards the “green window panel”
walk straight! 🙂
Walk straight 🙂
Continue to walk straight! 😀
turn right 🙂
once turn right you will see street churro on ur right.
continue to walk straight! (walk towards ur left side)
continue to walk straight
(but walk towards ur left side, u will turn left at the junction)
take left here! 🙂
continue to walk straight! 😀
on your left! 🙂
and you reached! 😀

이중생활 Double Life

Address: 서울특별시 용산구 이태원동 324-3
Operation Hours: 1:00pm – 11:00pm
Contact: +82 10-4130-7222
Nearest Subway: Noksapyeong Station

Overall Rating: 6/10
Amount Spent: 10USD
My Recommendations: I was too full for cheese cake, heard its good! :p
Best Part: Photo-worthy, Ambience

Will I come back? Depending, there’s so many cafes to explore!


  • This is a really small cafe with very little seat. If you are coming in a big group, might consider to skip this cafe.

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