Tongyeong Day 2 – Lighthouse Island (Deungdaeseom)

[Travel in March/April 2019]

Continue from the last post… When the tide get lower after nearly 1 hour, I think we are all ready to walk over and check out the stone path 🙂

The tide seems lower! 🙂
Continue to take a little bit more photos first haha!

Lighthouse Island (Deungdaeseom)

In order to be at lighthouse island, you really have to wait for the low tide to walk over. This is the link to the low tide timing, which you can check daily. Of cos, you have to set a little buffer just in case of any unforeseen circumstance 🙂

Oh Yes!!! looks promising!!! YAY!!!
Look at the stone path!
The tide is low enough for us to cross over!
Everyone has no problem walking here haha!
I think I took more than 30minutes haha to walk over, or rather you can say crawl? haha. 
View from lighthouse island 🙂
The lighthouse. There’s something about lightbouse and windmill that I really like. haha
The view from the lighthouse! 🙂 
The thoughts of walking back take ages to me. 
That’s my friend! 🙂
stop again for photos haha!
different route, difficult route
this makes me happy!
Yeah back!


  • Check the tide timing –
  • Prepare water, chips, chocolate anything that help you while waiting for the low tide!

Canon M3, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, (All wefie from Cin’s hp)

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