Geoje Day Trip: Bareut 바릇

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And, its time for Lunch! I have been wanting to try this, and was so excited that Cin said “Lets go to Geoje from Tongyeong!” this means, I can finally get to try Bareut yums!

But, the original place by the sea was “closed” when we reached, lucky they mentioned on their “board” stated to read on their Naver etc. Anyway, we found their front shop at the other side, which was just less than 10 minute walking distance! (Well, we suspected because of the high tide so the store by the sea is closed at the moment, but we might be wrong hahahahaha!)

Finally met you!
and, look closer 🙂
oh my my! you have crab, prawn and mussel in your noodles!
we both did not share lucky! the soup was crazily tasty!
the noodle yums
legit crab meat!

Direction to BAREUT 바릇 from Blanc Blue Coffee

While at Wahyeon Beach, you can easily spot Blanc Blue Coffee since it’s looking very pretty just like Santorini kind of cafe! 🙂

from Blanc Blue Coffee
walk towards to GS25!
continue the path!
walk straight~
and continue~
tadah~ you saw it right in front of you!
one more photo for you!

Do have a good walk around Wahyeon Beach~

Wahyeon beach, where you can see the Cafe (on the left) and Bareut (on the right)


Address: South Korea, Gyeongsangnam-do, Geoje-si, Irun-myeon, Wahyeon-ro, 73 KR
Contact: 070-7397-7139
Operating Hours: 10am – 5pm
Price: 8000won (each)


  • Seafood Noodle, great taste and yummy!

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