SUMMER HOKKAIDO 2018 – DAY 4: Shirogane Blue Pond + Shikisai No Oka

[Travel in August 2018]

Shirogane Blue Pond just like it name, it is famous because of the colour blue. The reason why the pond is in blue colour because the natural minerals dissolved in the water.

This Shirogane Blue Pond also make it way to Apple Wallpaper too. (default setting selection from apple wallpaper in system preference)

Shirogane Blue Pond

It’s a fair bit of walk, not too far from the carpark. It takes about 10minutes walk. I remembered my cousin and I was walking our pokemon (in app) to accumulate steps! haha

To see this, its really priceless!
the blue is really blue!
really beautiful to see it in real life.
another angle! 🙂

Caught us at admiring the beauty of this blue pond.

few more photos because, we just can’t stop at 1
thank you blue pond, you are so pretty!
Goodbye blue pond!

Shikisai No Oka

Here’s the main highlight of Biei, as well as my summer hokkaido trip – Shikisai No Oka.

The beauty of this flower gardens is a paradise, a paradise of colourful blossom beauty. You get to see flowers blooming from spring all the way to fall. In this spectacular panoramic scenery, probably makes you speechless. Oh, this flower garden is 15 hectares big! How do you even count that?

To the beautiful land!

Greeted by this 2 very cute wheat roll bales, say hello!

whoa, thats probably lead to speechless!
can help me take a photo – my first word haha
so pretty!
speechless by the beauty
so, this is how 15 hectares look like
so colourful
another view
definitely one of my best shot
perfect for a wallpaper indeed!

There’s also a mini alpaca farm here.

And before we go, a photo of 2 of us! 🙂

Shirogane Blue Pond (青い池, Aoiike) 

Address: Shirogane, 美瑛町 Biei, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido 071-0235, Japan

Shikisai No Oka 四季彩の丘

Address: Japan, 〒071-0473 Hokkaido, Kamikawa District, Biei, Shinsei, 第3

Tmark City Hotel (Sapporo)
Hostel Tomar (Furano)

Canon M3, Go Pro 4 Hero, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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3 thoughts on “SUMMER HOKKAIDO 2018 – DAY 4: Shirogane Blue Pond + Shikisai No Oka”

  • Hi Sihui,

    I chanced upon your post and wonder if you can advise the route to blue pond and Shikisai No Oka from Biei station if we don’t drive. How do you go from one place to the other and return back to Biei station? Would appreciate your advice for my trip in July. Thank you!

    • hello! sorry for late reply, I was very busy with work! I didn’t drive either! 🙂
      I bought this Biei View Bus Ticket at the Tourist Centre. You may wish to consider taking this view bus which makes the entire trip very easy!
      So you don’t need to drive! 🙂

      • To add on, I actually got 2 tickets! They have different package, I encourage you to check on which one you prefer more and get the ticket! You will definitely love the easy part of taking the day tour bus! 🙂

        Personally, I feel no car really very hard! 🙂
        Cycling its an option but i remember the route is long hahahaha!

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