KOREA 2024: 연남족발 1987 Yeon Nam Jokbal 1987

[Travel in March 2024]

It’s Shumin’s birthday today, and we have a full day planned. We started with our favorite quick drink at Twosome Place, then headed to Myeongdong for an early lunch at Shumin’s favorite, Myeongdong Kyoja (명동교자). Our day includes visits to several cafes, like 동백양과점 (Dong Baek) and SOHA SALT POND, along with plenty of shopping in between.

Our melon soju – so thick, and believe the use entire melon to make this drink haha!

Mountain of food, with many side dish – do you find the plate familiar?

We ordered mixture of – Steam Bossam and Jokbal! 🙂

I always love the cold noodles!

Beef soup!

Gorgeous food!

So tender so nice! (and this is coming from a person who don’t exactly like pork!)

The side plate on the right – GARLIC omg, not bad and interesting!)

Honestly, it was quite a good and affordable meal. This was more than enough for four people. I have to add, thank you ZM for the entire day free treats! 🙂

Direction to 연남족발 1987 Yeon Nam Jokbal 1987

Are you excited about having this for dinner? Let’s follow this step by step to the restaurant 🙂

Hongdae Exit 3 (Yeonnam), walk straight 🙂

continue to walk straight 🙂

continue to walk straight

continue to walk straight

turn left here 🙂

continue to walk straight (walk towards right side of the road)

continue to walk straight

turn right here 🙂

continue to walk straight (you are almost there!)

continue to walk straight!

and you are almost reach!

here you go 🙂

Its pretty crowded, we had a outdoor seat! 🙂

time to order, like now 🙂

연남족발 1987 Yeon Nam Jokbal 1987

Address: 222 Donggyo-ro, Seoul, South Korea
Nearest Subway Station: Hongdae Exit 3
Operating Hours: 12pm – 1am

I actually enjoyed the jokbal and steamed bossam. They were quite delicious! I think friends who love jokbal should definitely come here and give it a try. The soju was interesting too—not the typical flavored kind, but more like a real fruit mixture with soju. While I found it perfectly fine, the others thought the soju was overpowered by the melon flavor, haha!

I heard the queue can be quite long, but we went after 7 pm, so the restaurant wasn’t fully packed (there were even outdoor “terrace” seats available for us). If you’re coming in a group of 10, it might be hard to find seating together. You might need to get separate tables! 🙂

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Air Tickets
Singapore > Incheon: Korean Air Ticket – SGD891.40
Gimpo > Cheju: Korean Air Ticket – SGD177.99

Brown Suites Hotel Sinchon Central
Room Type: Deluxe Double Room City View – SGD412.24 (3 Nights)
~ SGD137.40 per night / SGD68.70 per night per pax

L7 Hongdae
Room Type: Standard Double Room – SGD1,584.78 (2 Nights 2 Rooms)
~ SGD396.195 per night / SGD198 per night per pax

Jeju Airbnb
Room Type: Landed with 2 Bedroom – SGD903.44 (3 Nights)
~ SGD301 per night / SGD75.25 per night per pax

Airport Transfer 6002 Bus Limousine: 17,000won
Private Transport: Kakao Taxi and payment via Youtrip
Within Seoul: T-Money
Car Rental with Insurance: SGD439.56 (via Lotte Car Rental)

Camera Canon R50, Go Pro 12 Hero, iPhone 14 Pro Max

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#hellosihuigoeskorea for Korea travels
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