Missing Australia

(Row 1 L to R)

Photo1: Reached Swansea after 2.5hours of rides… (more detail later)…
Photo2: On our way to Launceston, reached a small town call Perth and have our breakfast there πŸ™‚
Photo3: My very first time eating Beetroot. I feel so healthy πŸ™‚
Photo4: Oyster, have been part of us the entire Australia trip!

(Row 2 L to R)

Photo1: Very yummy dinner in TAZ ever! (more detail later…)
Photo2: I LOVE PASTA really!
Photo3: 2.5hours ride to here, a very beautiful scenery over Cradle Mountain – ALL WORTH πŸ™‚
Photo4: Back to the hotel, drop by this place when on our way to Cradle Mountain… PRETTY!

(Row 3 L to R)

Photo1: The very pretty cafe have pretty food, this is so good!
Photo2: And, Raspberry farm is not to be miss and they spelled HAPPINESS!
Photo3: Back to Melbourne, Salmon is heaven!
Photo4: Salmon + Egg is quite a heavenly food there!

(Row 4 L to R)

Photo1: Me with a graffiti wall
Photo2: Yodo brought us to a very nice turkish food place and is yummy!
Photo3: Not much of a rice person – but this is pretty delicious too!
Photo4: We saw Gary! 3 Gary! :p

(Row 5 L to R)

Photo1: With Yodo’s friend – John and he is pretty funny and cute too!
Photo2: I want to bring all this home really!
Photo3: Egg is part of us during this Australia trip!
Photo4: So does Bread hahaha :p


I’m missing Australia so much that I can’t believe it. I still love Seoul, Korea… then anything else. But Australia being the first ‘english’ country I visited, a place that I travel with my bffs, lots of fun and happy and definitely heart to heart talks too. Though many say its seems like I been to a long trip, but its a ‘rush trip’ and of cos, it’s never enough when we are traveling with friends. Or should I say it.. HOLIDAYS WITH FRIEND, AWAY FROM WORK… is never enough! haha πŸ™‚ Australia is a place for seafood lover…! You know, how much I love Salmon, Fish, and anything in between… And, I think I had Salmon everyday! So so so blessed and it’s filled with happiness. My happiness is so easily contented with just salmon… LOL! But you should know where I’m getting from… πŸ™‚

I have posted the photo above on my instagram as well as twitter, but I thought, I should left a footprint here too! I love my camera, I think I see a great difference from the quality from my S90. S90 is good, just that Pen3 seems even better, definitely, it’s like almost a DSLR price.. IT SHOULD BE GOOD! haha πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, I shall continue my entries… IT IS TAKING WAY TOO LONG ;/

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