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황가네 꼼장군 Kang Min Hyuk (CN Blue) Family Eel Restaurant

All thanks to TVN Drama – Let’s Eat, I’m able to find out this yummy dish – 꼼장어. I can’t wait to help it and wish I could eat it right now haha! Looking at the actors and actresses eating it really make me hungry! I wish Gu Dae-young food blog is for real, and we get to know all the delicious foods during all 16 episodes. (side track a little, Yeah to Let’s Eat Season 2 this coming April)

I was trying very hard to find out more about 꼼장어 right after the drama air, and so glad to find out that we get to eat it at CN Blue’s drummer Kang Minhyuk’s Family Restaurant. Some of my friends actually asked about this place after I posted on my instagram. So, I thought I shall share a little bit more in my blog too 🙂

 photo P3311232 copy_zpsueevshnf.jpg
#not difficult to spot the shop because its decorate with many many CN Blue photos. Daddy & Mummy Kang must be feeling very proud!
 photo PC243950 copy_zpstkmskola.jpg
 photo P3311229 copy_zpsyzldplaa.jpg
 photo P3311227 copy_zpsfiw2ataa.jpg
 photo P3311203 copy_zpsf1bthztw.jpg
 photo P3311228 copy_zpsueglkoyq.jpg
 photo P3311202 copy_zpsrldrmktn.jpg
 photo PC243949 copy_zpsyt8edfhe.jpg
#Menu is in english (chinese too) as well, all cater for their foreigner fans 🙂
 photo PC243960 copy_zpssdn6j0w6.jpg
#Steam egg was the main attraction why we decided to go over! 🙂
 photo PC243954 copy_zpsdbabompa.jpg
 photo P3311211 copy_zpsxvu8taac.jpg
 photo P3311208 copy_zpscg9egu49.jpg
#I love this vege, fresh and yummy!
 photo PC243953 copy_zpsesbjmyzp.jpg
#the main attraction of this entry! The eel might looks very different from what you thought, but its REALLY GOOD!
 photo P3311210 copy_zpsikuwdud8.jpg
 photo P3311204 copy_zps96fgogur.jpg
#Pork Rib, was really nice and some of my friends told me they really like this better!
 photo P3311213 copy_zpsaz5dcd2t.jpg
#baby octopus! My cousin brought her colleagues over, they prefer this over the eel 🙂 But, I still have full praise for the eel more than anything else in the shop! 🙂
 photo P3311222 copy_zps06kkzose.jpg
 photo P3311224 copy_zpsjucya1wm.jpg
#told you the pork rib is good, it does look good right! haha!
 photo P3311217 copy_zpsplluboio.jpg
 photo P3311221 copy_zpso6pwgezq.jpg
#so now its the eel turn! Honestly, It does look delicious right!!!! Trust me, you got to try this! 🙂 
 photo P3311201 copy_zps08xysowa.jpg
 photo PC243951 copy_zpslk3dcxjh.jpg
#Messages to CN Blue was all over the shop that it become one of the attractions! 🙂

황가네 꼼장군

Address // 서울 영등포구 영등포동 3가 5-2
Subway // Yeongdeungpo Station Exit 3
Direction // Yeongdeungpo Station Exit 3, Enter Yeongdeungpo Rotary Underground Shopper Centre Exit 1. You will see the shop on your right after exit 🙂

– Thanks Minhyuk Dad for pointing out the underground exit because we were shivering and goes “wah, omg!” on the very first day of 2015 when we walked out of the restaurant. It’s really really cold that day, and Minhyuk dad told us to walk underground instead of the normal way via the traffic light. And, its our new way to walk over and this actually give us a little more excuse to shop at the underground shopping centre hahahahaha! Both my cousin and I bought a sweater each that day! Happy New Year haha!

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