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신촌 연어상회

[Travel during December 2015 & March 2016 & April 2017]

[Updated in 5 April with more photos of the seat meal! :D]
[!!!] Did you know its refillable? Be it the salmon set you order or the raw beef!

This salmon place located in Sinchon, is somewhere you should not missed! I love sashimi, and probably one of the best I ate in Seoul. I love the one in Jeju and think is really difficult to have it in Seoul. This is pretty good! 🙂

 photo IMG_8540 copy_zpsetcyabp3.jpg photo IMG_8542 copy_zpscqyph3s3.jpg photo IMG_8523 copy_zpswhctrgce.jpg photo IMG_8524 copy_zpszfjqyihs.jpg photo IMG_8537 copy_zpsonnsgyi8.jpg photo IMG_8538 copy_zpsrv2zmigp.jpg
 photo IMG_8528 copy_zps2evcoym7.jpg
#the sauce is tar-tar sauce, which give a very refreshing taste when you dip it! 🙂

 photo IMG_8529 copy_zpsrf14pp3r.jpg
 photo IMG_8531 copy_zpsspjgiso7.jpg
 photo IMG_8535 copy_zpsgmnp2r6i.jpg
 photo IMG_8536 copy_zpsstxhnr0c.jpg

Set Meal comes with Seafood Pancake, Fried Octopus and Cheese Salad that you will definitely love it 😀

 photo IMG_1763 copy_zpsapcf0c4o.jpg
#this is so so so so nice!!! (!!!) This has been replace by chicken – Pic next!

 photo IMG_6444 copy_zpsumspgzbd.jpg We ordered a octopus as well 😛 Greedy us!

 photo IMG_6443 copy_zpshakdw8rb.jpg
 photo IMG_6442 copy_zps75weh0vq.jpg photo IMG_1757 copy_zpsgashwlmi.jpg
 photo IMG_1754 copy_zpsmm4ettb4.jpg

 photo weseoulchio_zpsm4yayeda.jpg
#look at us!! we are all happy eating! 🙂



Direction to 연어상회

 photo salmonbingsoo_0000_Layer 2_zps1cq7rd25.jpg
#Sinchon Station Exit 3

 photo salmonbingsoo_0001_Layer 1_zpsuahzcvsv.jpg
#continue to walk straight! 😀

 photo IMG_8554 copy_zpsjrsjhxlc.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :DDD You are almost there!!!

 photo IMG_8549 copy_zps6rjukpd7.jpg
#turn right here! :DDD

 photo IMG_8546 copy_zps0obs0o2a.jpg
#continue to walk straight (after turning right from the previous picture!)

 photo IMG_8545 copy_zpsa3zxqz0t.jpg
# you are almost there! continue to walk straight!! 😀

 photo IMG_8544 copy_zps0mh2s4kj.jpg
# just 30 seconds away! 🙂

 photo IMG_8543 copy_zpsvqxs5wiq.jpg
# Yeah! You reached!!!! :DDD

 photo IMG_8532 copy_zpsnqvv8wnw.jpg
#Before I end this entry, say hello to the salmon sashimi! I called it Salmon Bingsoo (because its on the ice to keep it fresh)! hehehehe!! :p

신촌 연어상회 
Address: 신촌 · 서울특별시 서대문구 창천동 46-12
Hotline: 02-363-3177
Station: Sinchon Station Exit 3 (Green Line, Line 2)

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