Haneul Sky Park

[Travelled in December 2015]

I want to go this, I want to go there, I want to be here, I want to go. There’s so many things in my mind every times I see nice photos of Korea. And, right now, another strike off my list – Haneul Sky Park.

I know, going to Haneul Sky Park during Autumn will be the best choice because its filled with Redwood Trees. Its so pretty. Honestly, I never a flower/plants/or trees or person. But, I love pretty things, and capture them into my camera :) Beautiful things are always on my mind :)

Autumn was over, I’m not sure if the Redwood Trees are dying by then. Its a battle of 50-50 on whether I get to see a dying park or a redwood trees park haha. Since, its my first time going Korea on 2nd week of December… I think, there still might be a tiny little hope. (worried over cant see redwood trees are silly, but I really feel that, I might be disappointed too!)

 photo IMG_8008 copy_zpsisng9kbb.jpg
#the stairs from far, yes, you need to climb the stairs. Honestly, pretty refreshing to do this in the morning.

 photo IMG_8010 copy_zps1faqdtkh.jpg
#291 steps, not too much, not too little. Good enough to shed a little calories before our next meal (which was the lobster roll at Lobster Bar, Itaewon!)

 photo IMG_8011 copy_zpshzpt2yke.jpg# I see some autumn in you. I really want an autumn seoul next time! Maybe next year!

 photo IMG_8012 copy_zpsr6m0uxdh.jpg

 photo IMG_8016 copy_zps3ycxb0pz.jpg

 photo IMG_8025 copy_zpsyijfvuwx.jpg
Finally at Hanuel Park! :)

 photo IMG_8030 copy_zpswra56ljd.jpg
Some of the redwood trees are drying off, but I still get to see some! :p

 photo IMG_8033 copy_zpssxfwm0zg.jpg

 photo IMG_8042 copy_zpsiennkghe.jpg
 photo IMG_8048 copy_zpsuwckb63l.jpg
 photo IMG_8054 copy_zpshmeolhsv.jpg
 photo IMG_8059 copy_zps84ibfafw.jpg
 photo IMG_8062 copy_zpswrpjbabd.jpg
 photo IMG_8068 copy_zpsup56dg9j.jpg
 photo IMG_8072 copy_zps5ysydxir.jpg
 photo IMG_8081 copy_zpsxgzqftca.jpg
 photo IMG_8085 copy_zpszyubymvk.jpg
 photo IMG_8088 copy_zpsywoj3sdn.jpg
 photo IMG_8090 copy_zpsenfbopu2.jpg
 photo IMG_8095 copy_zpsexkbtflu.jpg
 photo IMG_8096 copy_zpsdqck0xwh.jpg
 photo IMG_8100 copy_zpsvkseg8je.jpg
#we took about 1hours around to take photos, walk around, rest a little. If only we had some hot drink will be awesome. I mean, something like Black Tea Latte? :p

 photo IMG_8103 copy_zpsyybwijwj.jpg
#overview of the stadium at Haneul Park.

 photo IMG_8105 copy_zpslcaamvj3.jpg
 photo IMG_8108 copy_zpspbt57a45.jpg
#healthy lifestyle even back in the hometown! :)


 photo IMG_8149 copy_zpsagznekse.jpg photo IMG_8146 copy_zpsydwhrwfz.jpg
World Cup Stadium, Exit 1….

 photo IMG_8145 copy_zpsuqvlrwm7.jpg
Walk straight and you will see this stair, walk up :)

 photo IMG_8144 copy_zpsgb2hlyq4.jpg
Enjoy climbing the stairs :)

 photo IMG_8143 copy_zpsdmjmeb4f.jpg
Continue, and turn left :D

 photo IMG_8142 copy_zps25jlskuz.jpg
Continue to walk up :D

 photo IMG_8141 copy_zpsn8axyvad.jpg
You are at the right gate at the moment! :D Turn left….

 photo IMG_8140 copy_zpsqfqmyrlu.jpg
Walk straight! :D

 photo IMG_8139 copy_zpsaiszvlki.jpg
Turn left here :D

 photo IMG_8137 copy_zpsgla6rohn.jpg
Continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_8133 copy_zps8xmtim2g.jpg
Turn right after this gate

 photo IMG_8132 copy_zpsvwd9otsw.jpg
Continue walk straight to the carpark

 photo IMG_8130 copy_zpsujqbqyci.jpg
Cross the carpark :)

 photo IMG_8127 copy_zpsssukikrg.jpg
Continue to walk straight to the roadside and turn right.

 photo IMG_8124 copy_zpsejonzqsj.jpg
Walk straight to zebra crossing

 photo IMG_8122 copy_zpshcjpwmyl.jpg
Cross the road, and turn right :)

 photo IMG_8121 copy_zpspz3lh0j6.jpg
Turn left :)

 photo IMG_8118 copy_zps1ah8k7cp.jpg
Tadah, you reached! :)

My friend told me that, this was the park that Shinhwa went for the thieves episode in Shinhwa Broadcast. I was surprised because, I didn’t realise it when I wanted to visit it so badly. haha, anyway its pretty and its also a form of exercising, why not! :)

Haneul (Sky) Park
Subway Station: World Cup Stadium, Exit 1


Hashtag #thankyouhellosihui if you visited there via my guide :)



  1. Elle

    Omg I am so jealous you were able to go there. We wanted to go there when we were in Seoul last November but it was raining for 90% of the time we were in Seoul 😢. Thanks for posting directions 😀😁

  2. ncrrosales

    Wow! Beautiful photos! I’m actually planning on going to Korea this november, and these really helped me put Haneul Park on top of my go-to list! I’m just wondering, are there any buses from the stadium directly to the park entrance?

    • 슈퍼스타

      Thank you :)

      Oh, i always took train over instead ;)
      i remember there’s a bus stop nearby but not sure. do you want to share with me which area u will be staying and i try to check for u ;)

  3. atyan1120

    Hello! My family and i plan to visit this place during summer but not sure where to visit after this park. Can i just ask if you still remember your itinerary for this day? Thank you! :)

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Hi!

      Sorry for super late reply, i just got to see this comment now :)
      Actually, there’s nothing much around this Park~~
      I remembered going there early, and did my usual cafe/restaurant after that :D

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  7. lok

    Hi, Thanks for introducing Haneul Park. As i am going this year dec to propose to my girlfriend this year, would like to ask if Haneul Park a good place? and where in Haneul Park would you recommend?

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