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We thought of having fish and chip to try the difference between Australia and NZ. There’s shouldnt be a big difference we thought. So, I went online and google and found this place that got some awards and really popular in Rotorua. (but we fare differently!)

 photo IMG_0350 copy_zps2xnokanw.jpg
It looks like some fast food restaurant, but we give some doubt since, MCD is good! :p

 photo IMG_0351 copy_zpsojtbkdur.jpg
Our simple order, but the chunky fries are too much for us.

Oppies Fish & Chips And Chinese Takeaway
 259 Fenton Street, Victoria, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand
*No parking lot, so we actually parked near the Countdown that is 5 mins by walking?
*Not worth trying?, I will spend the money on MCD even there’s MCD everywhere in the world

Te Puia – Rotorua Geothermal & Geysers

Rotorua has some attractions, and we planned to cover them today since they are all located very near each other. So our first stop will be looking at the Geothermal & Geysers. I longed to see the one in Iceland (which is so pretty on photos!), so this will be a good “replacement” I thought. I assume.

We bought our ticket at the counter and decided to go for Te Ra Experience with Add on Haka that cost us 69NZD per pax. This package included

  • Explore Te Whakarewarewa, a 60 hectare Geothermal Valley.
  • A Kiwi House & Viewing Enclosure
  • Traditional Māori Carving and Weaving
  • Māori Art & History
  • A model Pre-European Māori Village and sacred Marae
  • Taonga Gallery and Gift Shop

To highlight the entire 69NZD Package

  • We didn’t get to see Kiwi because the room is so small and so dark and they are hiding ?
  • Carving woods display but we didn’t get to see them do it or neither we get to do hand-on ??
  • You still able to go to the Gift shop even without the package (haha!) ???

 photo IMG-20171020-WA0041-01 copy_zpsjmirrqhl.jpg photo IMG_0379 copy_zpsfoduzbtb.jpg  photo IMG_0353 copy_zpsl8ognkpr.jpg

 photo IMG_0364 copy_zpszqigcsbn.jpg
 photo IMG_0369 copy_zpsgebakgmn.jpg
 photo IMG_0377 copy_zpsc1u9kmvg.jpg

Te Puia – Rotorua Geothermal & Geysers
Hemo Rd, Tihiotonga, Rotorua 3040, New Zealand

Lake Rotorua and walking around the city for food 🙂

 photo IMG_0384 copy_zpsmxhpwnu5.jpg
 photo IMG_0387 copy_zpsg9pygwic.jpg

And, soon dinner time 🙂

 photo IMG_0399 copy_zpssxotrxf7.jpg
 photo IMG_0395 copy_zpsiamoh048.jpg
We ordered stonegrill set because everyone seems to order that. We picked the custom grill so we picked 1 chicken 1 beef. – 28.90NZD

 photo IMG_0396 copy_zpsyklttkdd.jpg
Basil Chicken Pasta 🙂 ?

 photo IMG_0398 copy_zpsjandpl3u.jpg
Oyster, yet not the best. I remembered how nice the one in Tasmania!

Craft Bar And Kitchen
1115 Tutanekai St, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand

Stopped by Kuirau Park

 photo IMG_0400 copy_zpsiwea0x9e.jpg

 photo 20171020_191243 copy_zpsebcvzlmb.jpg

Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua

A total of 21 suspension bridges between 22 Californian coastal redwoods with LED design by David Trubridge (NZ world-acclaimed design and sustainability champion). We picked Nightlight over the day time because we wanted to experience something different as we able to do natural walk the next few days too. This 40 over illuminate and feature light will illuminate 115 years old redwood tress for a night forest environment experience.

This night-time experience offer visitors and locals the opportunity to explore Rotorua’s majestic Redwood forest under the shroud of darkness; illuminated by Trubridges’ bespoke creations to create an immersive and captivating environment.

 photo IMG_0415 copy_zpskrfffrkb.jpg
 photo IMG_0417 copy_zpsnxdrmor5.jpg

Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua
Long Mile Road, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand
Ticket: 25NZD

 photo 20171018_191844-01 copy_zpsp2q2nvju.jpg
Back to our airbnb with this view, and last night at Rotorua!

Canon M3, Go Pro 4 Hero, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


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