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[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 16


Leaving our 9th airbnb. I’m glad Angela and Greg has been really lovely and sharing us some farm tips, we also get to see the silly cute billy that is just 4 months old. It’s been a great 2 nights stay with them. We got all our laundry done, have great sleep because of the comfy room with great views.

 photo 20171029_173241 copy_zpsxfdmqmy4.jpg

Oh yeah, the sun is out! It’s one of the most sunny days throughout the entire trip. I’m glad I packed 2 set of sport wears so I could wear one of them today! Phew :)

Next, we are approaching towards the last week of our trip. Time flies! We decided to go back to Fairlie Bakehouse for breakfast!

 photo IMG_0951 copy_zpsnpvdwp0x.jpgThis time, we tried their donut and frittata :)
We thought this is really good and alot better than their pies!!!

Fairlie Bakehouse
7925, 72 Main St, Fairlie 7925, New Zealand


Wanaka Lavender Farm

I understand that lavender only bloom during summer and the best time to visit in NZ is January. But I doesn’t want to give up, and thought maybe there’s something else we can see. Maybe a lavender soft serve ice cream :p

And, it’s on our way to our next accommodation where I thought we could give it a try to visit it.

 photo IMG_0964 copy_zpsirlu2qkx.jpg
 photo IMG_0953 copy_zpshhr1qjno.jpg
 photo IMG_0955 copy_zpsal6w0h6l.jpg
 photo IMG_0956 copy_zpsjfxam0al.jpg
 photo IMG_0957 copy_zpsmfv2zzt2.jpg
 photo IMG_0958 copy_zpskbycpiks.jpg
Have a break from the drive :)

Wanaka Lavender Farm
36 Morris Rd, Wanaka 9382, New Zealand


Airbnb & Dinner

We booked our Airbnb near Wanaka so its easy for us to travel around! Our room is so big that we can opened our luggage fully and do lots of packing.

 photo IMG_0966 copy_zpsefzsdatu.jpg
 photo IMG_0967 copy_zpslsxfv8r9.jpg
 photo IMG_0969 copy_zpsdsyoabhn.jpg
 photo IMG_0970 copy_zpshkc3wy6c.jpg
 photo IMG_0971 copy_zpsedmnrwew.jpgWe bought some food from the FourSquare at the city centre, and this turned out so beautifully! Yummy dinner! :)


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[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 13


Remember I mentioned about booking our accommodation for Franz Josef last? One of the mistake we did yet a blessing?

Because it turned out a great weather for us totally. If we followed “the right route” we will not able to have a mirror effect lake as it’s raining last 3 days of our trip, and we supposed to travel back and staying at Fairlie instead. What a blessing! :) 

Guess we made a sweet mistake.



Breakfast at Full of Beans

Kenneth used to work here during his working holiday, so we tried here since we need to get breakfast nearby before our super long journey!

 photo IMG_0808 copy_zpsbmglyyo9.jpg
 photo IMG_0805 copy_zpso4ihceoi.jpg
 photo IMG_0806 copy_zpsq2pabnch.jpg
Simple breakfast for sharing! :)

 photo IMG_0810 copy_zps3nnffg1g.jpg

 photo 20171029_142019 copy_zpsjmuu18u0.jpg

Well, it’s a super long journey for us from Franz Josef to Fairlie, and we decided to take another route – Authur’s Pass to have a scenic view :) I have to say, the south scenery really very pretty, so effortlessly pretty.



Airbnb @ Fairlie :)

Long journey, but thankful to the awesome weather! :)
Once again, I am so happy with our accommodation and we decided to end our night slightly earlier today! :D

 photo IMG_0818 copy_zpspqinptuf.jpg
Our next home! :)

 photo IMG_0817 copy_zpsmvuznp2v.jpg
My host is a farmer! and he had a bigger farm far far away from here, he pointed – that field, haha!

 photo 20171029_173242 copy_zpsh5oi8rx0.jpg
Hello Billy, the 4weeks old goat! :)

 photo IMG_0820 copy_zpsrwr6wr59.jpg
So true! haha :p

 photo IMG_0811 copy_zpshyqbavhf.jpg
 photo IMG_0812 copy_zpssn93rrt5.jpg
 photo IMG_0822 copy_zpsgrmzjiqf.jpgThe view :)

 photo 20171029_184312 copy_zpskadymrlg.jpg
We didn’t want to do much, especially after a long drive. We ate our favourite simple dinner with many cheeses and eggs! :)

 photo IMG_0823 copy_zpsxtwi2e8e.jpg

Good Night :)

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[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 11


Our 5hours journey started again, the reason for this is because, we wanted a stopover at Greymouth as we don’t think we will have enough daylight to drive to Franz Josef, and it’s wiser to stay at Greymouth and head over to Fox Glacier that morning for our tour. (long story, but you get what I mean after the next few post too!)

 photo 20171027_110239 copy_zpsdbrxllcw.jpg

Before we leave, here’s a photo with our lovely host, whom so nice to us. She shared so many stories to us regards to this little town, giving us more insight of this hidden gem. She also shared with us that, along Pelorus river there’s stayed a postman who bring goods and letter over to the mountainous area opposite our stay.

 photo 20171027_115816 copy_zps7adajfnd.jpg
Takeaway coffee at one of the very small cafe along havelock! :)


Nelson – Boat Shed Cafe

We decide to do the route > Nelson > Greymouth :)

 photo 20171027_123129 copy_zpsy0id784g.jpg
Is it spring that is coming?

 photo 20171027_133814 copy_zpssasdhxoh.jpg

A found in Nelson. I have to say Nelson is really pretty, probably because its locate at eastern shores of Tasman Bay. It’s the oldest city in the south, 2nd-oldest in the entire New Zealand, which I don’t exactly feel it. The blue sky and sea make it so pretty.

 photo IMG_0727 copy_zpsmy5duauz.jpg
 photo IMG_0711 copy_zps41hrvm7j.jpg
 photo IMG_0712 copy_zpsorqbdfmr.jpg
 photo IMG_0726 copy_zpsrxc6hnbm.jpg photo IMG_0713 copy_zps9ftdvhzc.jpg
 photo IMG_0714 copy_zpsl3ll3o7j.jpg
 photo IMG_0716 copy_zpssedjl0dd.jpg
 photo IMG_0718 copy_zpsspvzdvuq.jpg
Lunch served! :)

 photo IMG_0724 copy_zpsgyp96en2.jpg

Pan roasted snapper – 33.50
w mung bean sprouts, red onion, cucumber, cashews, chilli & coriander salad w lime & tamarind dressing

 photo IMG_0720 copy_zpsiduc0qtx.jpg

Ōra king salmon carpaccio – 15.50
w avocado, radish, chives, soy, lime & chilli dressing, sesame seeds & sichuan salt & pepper

 photo IMG_0722 copy_zpsrcqc70b1.jpg

Bbq Coromandel scallops – 23.50
w cauliflower purée, boudin noir, fennel, cress & lemon

 photo GOPR1639 copy_zpseetl2hsf.jpg photo IMG_0730 copy_zps7cwfyd8v.jpg

Nelson – Boat Shed Cafe
Wakefield Quay 350 State Hwy, Stepneyville, Nelson 7010, New Zealand


Punakaiki Pancake Rocks and Blowholes

I saw so many instagram photos of pancake rocks, so many fancy photos of this “must-visit” attraction. We visited it late due to our long drive journey from Havelock. but, we manage to catch the sunset nearby.

 photo 20171028_085954 copy_zpsqw5i142k.jpg
 photo IMG_0732 copy_zpsypx4pty1.jpg
 photo IMG_0733 copy_zpsjzfxvx4s.jpg
 photo IMG_0736 copy_zpsdm2xqcj6.jpg
 photo IMG_0740 copy_zpsq6txct91.jpg
 photo IMG_0742 copy_zpsi8ghht0s.jpg
this is the pancake rock! :)

 photo IMG_0743 copy_zps57mu6tn6.jpg
 photo IMG_0747 copy_zpsjquznv44.jpg
 photo IMG_0748 copy_zpskggzegkl.jpg

This pancake rocks is not too difficult walk, just a 20mins loop walk, its not exactly interesting but good to have a good spectacular view of the westerly sea, and sunset makes it orangish-and pretty.

Punakaiki Pancake Rocks and Blowholes
Main Road, Paparoa, New Zealand


Airbnb @ Greymouth

 photo 20171027_200615 copy_zps6wibqsbu.jpg
On our way to our airbnb! Beautiful sunset :)

 photo IMG_0749 copy_zpstlippxcn.jpg
 photo IMG_0750 copy_zpsbjhehhey.jpg
 photo IMG_0751 copy_zps7eeztdaf.jpg
Our host is away for their son birthday party when we arrived, but its not difficult at all. I actually appreciate the easy and smooth check-in for us, and even appreciate more than our host visited us and have a chat that last 30mins or so. You know your host doesn’t need to do so but they did, its really nice for them to know how we are doing and need any help! :) I recommend this stay too! :)


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[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 10


These were one of our main highlight of our New Zealand trip. I know many people did skydiving, water rafting or even bungee jump too. But, we did none of this because we are really scare of those exciting extreme sport haha. So, we did this instead – Dolphin Swim.

So we drove 45mins (honestly, this is nothing when you had mostly 2hours ride in previous nights) back to Picton Ferry Terminal as that’s where the pickup point. This time, we used the simple route that our host told us to avoid the crazy up and down steep mountainous route.

Dolphin swim with Eko Tours

Eko Tours given us a magical wet suit that is really different the norm. The special material of the wet suit that serve like a float, a life vest too. With no doubt, we wont able to dive in the water no matter what haha.

 photo 20171026_084734 copy_zpshryyaeiw.jpg
 photo 20171026_084743 copy_zpsvvnwsrr6.jpg
 photo GOPR1619 copy_zps7zlhs6y4.jpg
 photo GOPR1624 copy_zpsu0sqr9r8.jpg
 photo 20171026_102813 copy_zpsscskjm82.jpg

This clip is film when I was swimming with them.

This clip is filmed on the yacht we took, look how happy they were that day!

It’s really one of my most enjoyable activities till date. I have no problem with swimming but being first time to open sea, it’s something makes me a little nervous and exciting. Having a family of dolphins swimming around us, and enjoying our company as much as we enjoyed theirs totally. I strongly encourage anyone who is heading to New Zealand (South island) to experience this! It’s something memorable that you want to bring back.  A kind of happiness and laughter seeing all this wildlife just 0 distance from you! :)


Lunch at Saint Clair Family Estate

We knew we wanted our lunch to be one of the vineyards when we drove past this morning. We just not sure which one to visit, but driving pass a few and we decided this because it looks pretty (super photo worthy too!) And, we never regret too. It’s one of our top food list in New Zealand (during our stay) too.

 photo 20171026_131434 copy_zpsamlkol9m.jpg
 photo 20171026_120014 copy_zpsx6lnvnw7.jpg
 photo 20171026_120202 copy_zpssdcgqgx3.jpg
 photo 20171026_131414 copy_zpsjfwjdyv4.jpg
 photo 20171026_121345 copy_zpsjgoahikz.jpg photo 20171026_120006 copy_zpsrtqgrer0.jpg
Lunch view was so good so great! :)

 photo 20171026_122909 copy_zpsqjajmpjz.jpg
Our lunch is served :)

 photo 20171026_122800 copy_zpshp2lbx1x.jpg

We had Cloudy Bay Clams, the pasta is really homemade style that taste really interesting. Their white wine sauce is homemade brand – Saint Clair white wine.

 photo 20171026_122753 copy_zpsg0siymvf.jpg

Salmon Fillet, we thought its just salmon fillet, but we were surprised it came with tomato risotto too, we definitely didn’t expect this.

 photo 20171026_122902 copy_zpspdt4kmvo.jpg

Inspiration from the kitchen, because we thought everything gonna be really small, we have something we thought – salad. It came out more than just a side, more like a main to us haha.

 photo 20171026_1314490 copy_zpsjlzv2l14.jpg
 photo 20171026_131813 copy_zpskblehigv.jpg


Makana Confections
Right opposite the vineyard :)

 photo 20171026_132534 copy_zpssso8vioq.jpg photo 20171026_132515 copy_zpshlsan4ns.jpg

We drove opposite to this makana confection to just take a look, and ended up buying 1 chocolate pack eat. I bought this – Macadamia Butter Toffee Crunch for my dad, and regret just 1 pack, it doesnt take too long to finish that very small pack. My dad loves it, its coated with macadamia, or rather we can’t see much of anything except macadamia. We love it totally.


Saint Clair Family Estate
Corner of Rapaura & Selmes Road, Blenheim (Route 62)

Makana Confections 
Opposite Saint Clair Family Estate (Route 62)


Dinner at Captain’s Daughter

This is my favourite restaurant with the best food in the entire New Zealand trip. So much praise with their service and the food especially :) It’s round up our havelock journey with a blast! :)

 photo IMG_0710 copy_zpsrqn4rbkb.jpg photo IMG_0707 copy_zpst7yzvowr.jpg photo IMG_0708 copy_zpsrfevejml.jpg photo IMG_0699 copy_zpsylvzeupz.jpg
 photo IMG_0709 copy_zpst9vz5zl1.jpg photo IMG_0701 copy_zpssn4i41kp.jpg
 photo IMG_0703 copy_zps2gs6lba9.jpg
 photo IMG_0705 copy_zpscw1dsixb.jpg
The beef, I heard from teng its so good, one of her favourite during our NZ trip! :)

 photo IMG_0706 copy_zpskpel4dkz.jpg
This, truffle prawn risotto was my favourite meal in the entire NZ trip. The taste really out of the world, because so good so simple. The prawns so fresh so much so big. I mean, the entire plate is really good that I still missing it so much now.

Captain’s Daughter
72 Main Rd, Havelock 7100, New Zealand

Before we say goodnight to our last night here, I have to share how enjoyable this 2 night were. Havelock is indeed a hidden gems, a tiny town where you might mis-looked as you might choose to stay between Picton or Nelson. I’m glad very very glad to stay here instead. Our host really nice, and food really good, and everything just simply started with a blast since we reached South. Even the car was a better ride haha.


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[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 7


Waking up a little late because it’s a wet morning. The rain just get heavier and heavier so we slowly had our breakfast made by me. I can’t do much, but scramble egg with salmon is all I can do :) Yet the rain got even heavier even after our breakfast, so we decided to wait a little more while watching tv and arranging our laundry….

 photo IMG_0583 copy_zpso4azbsis.jpg
Our yummy breakfast. Scrambled egg with prawn (yummy really, should i do it this friday?)

Mount Taranaki
They said, if we are lucky, we will get to see the snowy top of Mount Taranaki, but due to the rain this morning, I guessed, we might not be that lucky this time.

 photo 20171023_142907-01 copy_zps6wzjjuu1.jpg

 photo 20171023_135836-01 copy_zpspx37i3rm.jpg
here are are at Mount Taranaki, but we didn’t hike it because the route was “closed” maybe because its slippery and dangerous due to the rain in the morning.

So we headed to Dawson Fall instead.
At this visitor centre, such a good view of Mount Taranaki ;)

 photo IMG_0589 copy_zpsoyyd8ef9.jpg
 photo IMG_0588 copy_zpsa2frq2qt.jpg

Proceed to Dawson Falls :)

 photo IMG_0594 copy_zpsggzdjqaw.jpg
A short walk from Egmont National Park, about 20mins (to and from) I think? A walk that worth of this……

 photo IMG_0599 copy_zpspzi9sowt.jpg  photo IMG_0602 copy_zpsjqmayial.jpg
So, here’s 1 photo with Dawson Falls, its quite a small one to be honest :p

 photo 20171023_200016-01 copy_zpsazl0sljo.jpg
Dinner made by teng, yummy, the sauce was good, I remembered a little white wines too. haha :p

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[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 4


We thought of having fish and chip to try the difference between Australia and NZ. There’s shouldnt be a big difference we thought. So, I went online and google and found this place that got some awards and really popular in Rotorua. (but we fare differently!)

 photo IMG_0350 copy_zps2xnokanw.jpg
It looks like some fast food restaurant, but we give some doubt since, MCD is good! :p

 photo IMG_0351 copy_zpsojtbkdur.jpg
Our simple order, but the chunky fries are too much for us.

Oppies Fish & Chips And Chinese Takeaway
 259 Fenton Street, Victoria, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand
*No parking lot, so we actually parked near the Countdown that is 5 mins by walking?
*Not worth trying🙄, I will spend the money on MCD even there’s MCD everywhere in the world

Te Puia – Rotorua Geothermal & Geysers

Rotorua has some attractions, and we planned to cover them today since they are all located very near each other. So our first stop will be looking at the Geothermal & Geysers. I longed to see the one in Iceland (which is so pretty on photos!), so this will be a good “replacement” I thought. I assume.

We bought our ticket at the counter and decided to go for Te Ra Experience with Add on Haka that cost us 69NZD per pax. This package included

  • Explore Te Whakarewarewa, a 60 hectare Geothermal Valley.
  • A Kiwi House & Viewing Enclosure
  • Traditional Māori Carving and Weaving
  • Māori Art & History
  • A model Pre-European Māori Village and sacred Marae
  • Taonga Gallery and Gift Shop

To highlight the entire 69NZD Package

  • We didn’t get to see Kiwi because the room is so small and so dark and they are hiding 😧
  • Carving woods display but we didn’t get to see them do it or neither we get to do hand-on 😧😧
  • You still able to go to the Gift shop even without the package (haha!) 😧😧😧

 photo IMG-20171020-WA0041-01 copy_zpsjmirrqhl.jpg photo IMG_0379 copy_zpsfoduzbtb.jpg  photo IMG_0353 copy_zpsl8ognkpr.jpg

 photo IMG_0364 copy_zpszqigcsbn.jpg
 photo IMG_0369 copy_zpsgebakgmn.jpg
 photo IMG_0377 copy_zpsc1u9kmvg.jpg

Te Puia – Rotorua Geothermal & Geysers
Hemo Rd, Tihiotonga, Rotorua 3040, New Zealand

Lake Rotorua and walking around the city for food :)

 photo IMG_0384 copy_zpsmxhpwnu5.jpg
 photo IMG_0387 copy_zpsg9pygwic.jpg

And, soon dinner time :)

 photo IMG_0399 copy_zpssxotrxf7.jpg
 photo IMG_0395 copy_zpsiamoh048.jpg
We ordered stonegrill set because everyone seems to order that. We picked the custom grill so we picked 1 chicken 1 beef. – 28.90NZD

 photo IMG_0396 copy_zpsyklttkdd.jpg
Basil Chicken Pasta :) 🍝

 photo IMG_0398 copy_zpsjandpl3u.jpg
Oyster, yet not the best. I remembered how nice the one in Tasmania!

Craft Bar And Kitchen
1115 Tutanekai St, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand

Stopped by Kuirau Park

 photo IMG_0400 copy_zpsiwea0x9e.jpg

 photo 20171020_191243 copy_zpsebcvzlmb.jpg

Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua

A total of 21 suspension bridges between 22 Californian coastal redwoods with LED design by David Trubridge (NZ world-acclaimed design and sustainability champion). We picked Nightlight over the day time because we wanted to experience something different as we able to do natural walk the next few days too. This 40 over illuminate and feature light will illuminate 115 years old redwood tress for a night forest environment experience.

This night-time experience offer visitors and locals the opportunity to explore Rotorua’s majestic Redwood forest under the shroud of darkness; illuminated by Trubridges’ bespoke creations to create an immersive and captivating environment.

 photo IMG_0415 copy_zpskrfffrkb.jpg
 photo IMG_0417 copy_zpsnxdrmor5.jpg

Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua
Long Mile Road, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand
Ticket: 25NZD

 photo 20171018_191844-01 copy_zpsp2q2nvju.jpg
Back to our airbnb with this view, and last night at Rotorua!

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[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 3


Simple itinerary for day 3 – Just a Cave and a Fall. 😅

 photo 20171019_100640 copy_zpsidfa5l32.jpg
We went for drive-thru breakfast and head for our 1hour drive! :) Honestly, the hashbrown that comes with it, is really GOOD!

 photo 20171019_121422 copy_zpsioydht0t.jpg
So we did the famous Glowworm Caves experience and I really find it not as amazing as photo or video shown. You can’t take any photo or video of it as well, and its quite a short tour ☹️

 photo IMG_0336 copy_zpselqmcekg.jpg
After the ride… haha, nothing much but smile happily 😝

 photo GOPR1561 copy_zpsozo8bhh6.jpg
We wanted to take a photo of this car park slope because its really steep but we just can’t get it right haha!



Waitomo Glowworm Caves > Wairere Falls


I have been to a few waterfalls in my life, and those are in Jeju. I always thought, we just park nearby and we will able get to see it within 10 minutes walk. But, it doesn’t applied to NZ’s fall. haha. We went to Wairere Falls which is the highest waterfall in the North Island that is 500 feet tall :)

We went for the walking tracks that runs from the carpark to the lookout. NO we didn’t continue our route to the top of the falls as it will takes another 4hours returns and it will be really dark by then, we doesn’t want to get lost in the forest (according to NZ’s people leg length, we probably takes another 30mins more without resting lol).

 photo IMG_0340 copy_zps2alnubi0.jpg

 photo GOPR1565 copy_zps5lih8vnc.jpg
We thought we might be halfway but no, we are not anywhere halfway. haha.

We walked, we climbed, we “crawled”.

 photo IMG_0344 copy_zpssyhn3dbo.jpg
& We finally reached the lookout for the Wairere Falls. The entire walk is pretty tiring because there isn’t nice smooth routes for us, its all about forest walk, and muddy path that we had to bear in mind to be careful than slip away.

 photo GOPR1567 copy_zps2ote3jdd.jpg
And us! :)

 photo GOPR1573 copy_zpsbcuwtmjz.jpg
After completing the route :) Yeah! And it marked end of our Day 3! Pretty fast! :)

 photo 20171019_210138 copy_zps7xgd29n3.jpg
Dinner is served! It’s my first time cooking salmon, mushroom, nothing difficult but its my first time! :)


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