[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 9

[Travel in October – November 2017] 

Our Day starts really early, as there’s several things we need to do before heading for the ferry at Wellington Harbour.

  • Full tank pump (ya again when we just do a full tank yesterday haha!)
  • Return our car (clear all the rubbish)
  • Check in before 815am (our ferry is at 9am)
  • Had breakfast (it’s very important for my friend lol)

We left our place earlier, despite, we were stuck in the jam badly. Probably everyone is heading to the city for work? A short 20mins turned out near 40mins…. Lucky we still in time include having breakfast lol.

 photo 20171019130542_IMG_0348-01 copy_zpslo98xoy7.jpg
Thank you Toyota Rav 4 serving us great 🙂

It’s pretty easy for us as we just parked our car at the designated area (for europcar, same for the rest, just check the board and park haha) And headed for a simple check-in. We managed to clear all 2 big luggages and 2 hand carry for check-in Yeah!

 photo 20171025_080926 copy_zpsexuhob7d.jpg
So, we still have a little time for breakfast (actually Interislander has cafe and restaurant too lol) before taking Interislander.
 photo IMG_0661 copy_zpsdplodwla.jpg
 photo IMG_0659 copy_zpshgeys1lz.jpg
 photo IMG_0658 copy_zpsmhwtopyw.jpg
 photo IMG_0660 copy_zpsqynsbszn.jpg
 photo IMG_0664 copy_zpsziatlxbo.jpg
 photo 20171025_104350 copy_zpsy73iegbk.jpg
listening to country music 🙂
 photo 20171025_085240 copy_zpsgag332zn.jpg
doing my freelance work throughout the ride!

Our Journey from South to North 😉

 photo IMG_0669 copy_zpsirsaof9f.jpg
 photo IMG_0673 copy_zpshzmsh7ik.jpg
 photo IMG_0678 copy_zpsyx1e7xzx.jpg

Reaching at Picton Ferry Terminal, we picked our car, a smart car.

 photo 20171025_130859 copy_zpsvmxvmxhc.jpg

And head over to our new home for 2 nights at Havelock. Nevertheless, GPS guided us to this scenic route that is really freaking challenging. Teng’s driving skill instantly up another level after that.

Late lunch at Mussel Pot (recommend by our airbnb host)

 photo IMG_0690 copy_zpstesit02x.jpg

We supposed to have lunch at elsewhere and our airbnb host told us the road is closed due to the terrible earthquake… And recommend Mussel Pot to us.

I don’t eat mussel but I am going to give the first try here. Teng said, she never knew mussel can be this fresh and those she ate before is crap haha. According to our host, havelock is a “mussel port”, all the mussels in NZ come from this little town.

 photo IMG_0680 copy_zpsxrxbtirs.jpg
 photo IMG_0681 copy_zpsbmj8zuvd.jpg
 photo IMG_0682 copy_zps7gtxsokg.jpg
 photo IMG_0685 copy_zpstljwovkl.jpg
 photo IMG_0686 copy_zpsfqeuzmey.jpg

The Mussel Pot Restaurant and Cafe
73 Main Rd, Havelock 7100, New Zealand

Captain’s Daughter (recommend by our airbnb host)
That evening, we decided we are too full for a meal, but get a drink instead. I ordered Ice Chocolate and guessed what was given? 🙂 Amazing!

 photo 20171025_182630 copy_zpsgewqoalh.jpg
There’s iced chocolate, with ice cream + chocolate syrup and oreo! Mr barista forgot about I having it away, and put it in a jar cup for dine in. I brought it back the next day since we having our dinner here tmr (It’s the best dinner I have entire 20days!)
 photo 20171025_180552 copy_zps1le0fwcs.jpg

Airbnb (one of my top 5 accommodation in NZ)

Havelock is a really small village in Marlborough region in New Zealand. We call Havelock a hidden gems, that I really wish many people will try to explore here a little. A little quiet, a little interesting, a little more stories to tell.

 photo IMG_0692 copy_zpsqhyonuy6.jpg
Our airbnb is so beautiful right? The bed is so comfy 🙂
 photo IMG_0694 copy_zpsbiqfwf6q.jpg
Not forgetting, we have awesome view too 🙂 My view when I was rushing for work that evening! 🙂
 photo IMG_0695 copy_zpsyf5r517u.jpg
The little boat that belong to my airbnb host 🙂
 photo IMG_0696 copy_zps2odte8os.jpg
 photo IMG_0697 copy_zpsn8liouna.jpg

Canon M3, Go Pro 4 Hero, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


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