Egg Drop 에그드랍 (SINCHON)

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I finally tried Egg Drop, and I hope you all tried this if you love Isaac Toast! I love how creamy the scramble egg is, and the sweet sauce that always makes korean toast something special!

Honestly, I love EGG DROP more than Isaac Toast, and this 2019 trip, I actually tried 3 times!!!! haha :p

The outlet at Sinchon Station.
Here’s the menu!

You have to order everything on the vending machine. That’s where all my coins go to too. (haha!) You can also add extra hams/ eggs and etc. Everything through the machine!

The creamy scramble egg that accompany by the sweet sauce
another look on this yummy breakfast!
I packed it away and headed for my salon!

Egg Drop 에그드랍 (SINCHON)

Address: Sinchon Station (Opposite 7-11)
Operation Hours: 7:30am – 9:30pm

Overall Rating: 8/10
Amount Spent: 3USD ~ 4500USD
My Recommendations: Mr Egg


  • Good place to get rid of your coins haha
  • Its vending machine, not too difficult to use though its all in Korean

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[TONGYEONG] Tongyeong Bay Condo
Tongyeong City:
[SEOUL] At Noon Sinchon:

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2 thoughts on “Egg Drop 에그드랍 (SINCHON)”

  • hi would like to ask on the location for egg drop @ sinchon
    1. is the station beside hongik univ station?
    2. is the outlet in the basement or outside of the station?

    • Hi Asher, I am so sorry about this, I was so busy with work! Sinchon is the station 1 stop away from Hongik Univ Station. And, the outlet is at the basement (right after the gantry) 🙂

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