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[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 6


Honestly, I really doesn’t feel like leaving our Airbnb because it’s so comfy. It’s probably our best stay for the last 5 days in NZ. But we need to embark the journey of 3hours. And first business of the day will definitely our breakfast! We passed by Replete Cafe & Store, and decided this will be our awesome breakfast before we reached our next airbnb.

 photo IMG_0508 copy_zpsoqlie39h.jpg
 photo IMG_0512 copy_zpsr5sk40a0.jpg
 photo IMG_0510 copy_zpsrtwmyobp.jpgIt’s always salmon and egg for me! :)

Replete Cafe & Store
45 Heuheu St, Taupo 3330, New Zealand

>>> Three Sisters and The Elephant

One of the main reasons why we went over to New Plymouth is to see the famous Three Sisters and The Elephant that located near Tongaporutu. Originally, there’s 3 (25 metre tall) rock formations by the sea but eventually its left with 2 now, and currently the elephant truck is destroy in 2016 :( Years of sea waters/ rains/ sun and wind……

The most interesting fact about viewing the famous three sisters and the elephant is that we have to wait for the low tide, which took us about 2 hours, around 6pm to be able to walk over on the soft sand over. If not, you probably gonna swim over :p

 photo IMG_0523 copy_zpsrbipaubk.jpg
 photo IMG_0524 copy_zpsamh6b2fh.jpg
Found this place of happiness where beautiful cows and wonderful sky :)

 photo IMG_0529 copy_zps4wts1oic.jpg photo 20171022114654_IMG_0537-01 copy_zpsgukngqub.jpg
 photo IMG_0548 copy_zpslpnsx77c.jpg
 photo IMG_0551 copy_zpsna06ovnz.jpg
Spot them! :)

Three Sisters and The Elephant
Clifton Rd, Tongaporutu 4378, New Zealand

Our Airbnb & Dinner! :)

 photo 20171022_181720-01 copy_zpsqozicdxa.jpg
Went over to COUNTDOWN and got all these…. any idea what we wanted to do tonight? :p

We decided to stay away from New Plymouth, at this small town where we didn’t regret in fact, filled with surprised of how beautiful this place is.

 photo IMG_0562 copy_zps1kgxxtgc.jpg photo IMG_0560 copy_zpsdeyf8lsn.jpg photo IMG_0553 copy_zpsowxyawpa.jpg
 photo IMG_0564 copy_zpswshdk2p7.jpg
 photo IMG_0570 copy_zpsywm1on7n.jpg
 photo IMG_0577 copy_zpswsab4jwb.jpgAnd, we craved for steamboat. We had seafood steamboat yummmmmmy. *the chicken thigh is amazing tender!

Canon M3, Go Pro 4 Hero, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


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[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 2


We reached Auckland around 11:30pm. It’s quite a long flight, nearly 10 hours straight flight. Thanks god for the 2 meals in flight, we are probably full and decided to go straight to our first airbnb, wash up and have a good sleep (and in between, doing some works etc).

I didn’t take much photos of our first accommodation because it’s really small to capture in detail. They do  have everything like a small kitchen, small wardrobe and a small queen size bed. That very night was raining heavily, and we could feel the raindrops hitting the caravan badly HAHA.

Our plan for the day is AUCKLAND > MATAMATA > ROTORUA :)

 photo 20171018_110253-01 copy_zpswc6dtoyk.jpg photo IMG_0187 copy_zpsgrvrfoqk.jpg
#Behind me is our first house of #hellosihuigoesNZ. It’s quite an expensive, cheap and worth the experience. but definitely a little troublesome because you can’t open your luggage here definitely.

Our travel time was about 2hours from Auckland to Hobbiton Movie Set. Our next meal will be only during our dinner time at our 2nd home. So our plan was to have a good meal and this include one of our favourite (in this 20 days in NZ) is at Best Ugly. Best Ugly are famous with their bagels, and we are not disappointed at all. ☺

 photo IMG_0206 copy_zpsyqlrgh46.jpg photo IMG_0205 copy_zpsxup6irhz.jpg
 photo IMG_0195 copy_zpsumbxremr.jpg photo IMG_0199 copy_zpsvec4xrcl.jpg
 photo IMG_0196 copy_zpsxlwomsds.jpg
 photo IMG_0198 copy_zpswa8qu3sh.jpg
Teng had Tuna Melt, and not surprising I have my King Salmon ☺ Their ingredient is really generous and we felt really happy with our first meal of the day ☺

Best Ugly Bagels
3A York St, Newmarket, Auckland 1023, New Zealand
Note: You need to pay and park your car at the side, please prepare coin for all parkings☺


So, our official first road trip in New Zealand start. 2 hours car ride from Auckland to Matamata.

 photo IMG_0207 copy_zpso2svlyhu.jpg
We stopped by somewhere.

 photo IMG_0214 copy_zps7w9lk1ay.jpg

Hobbiton Movie Set to know more about how Peter Jackson as a director found out this special land and his ideas for this movie.

 photo IMG_0228 copy_zpsbxsh6jj4.jpg
 photo IMG_0257 copy_zpsxam1rk4g.jpg
So blessed with good weather! :)

 photo IMG_0258 copy_zpscqolf3wu.jpg
 photo IMG_0265 copy_zps1ipydrbz.jpg
 photo IMG_0270 copy_zpsrzboccb7.jpg
The only door that is open in the hobbiton movie set, and just in case you thought its furnish decor, it nothing inside haha :p

 photo IMG_0279 copy_zpsskugoyom.jpg

 photo IMG_0285 copy_zpsfqktilat.jpg
 photo IMG_0291 copy_zpslk4mmnoo.jpg photo GOPR1554 copy_zps9aefna7z.jpg
 photo IMG_0306 copy_zpsnz7a6a74.jpg
Walking to the The Green Dragon Inn :)

 photo IMG_0319 copy_zps4gwcjuhu.jpg
 photo IMG_0322 copy_zps4qbu1z6l.jpg
 photo IMG_0323 copy_zpsfdy2s7bn.jpg

Hobbiton Movie Set
501 Buckland Road, Hinuera, Matamata 3472 New Zealand
Cost: NZD79

Matamama > Rotorua

 photo IMG_0332 copy_zpsopkaxroo.jpg
On our way to our 2nd accommodation, we saw rainbow :) And actually its a double rainbow as we drove :)

 photo 20171018_192118-01 copy_zpsuw4detgk.jpg
Home for 3 nights :)

 photo 20171018_194111-01 copy_zpsl18lzbfy.jpg
Kitchen that we cooked up our first dinner at Rotorua! :)

 photo 20171018_203152-01 copy_zpszfu0mb87.jpg

Thank you my friend for making sautéed mushroom and herb salmon pasta  ☺

Canon M3, Go Pro 4 Hero, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


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