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Apgujeong Rodeo: MCM Haus Cafe

[Travel in March / April 2017]

Every Korea trip needs a MCM visit because I LOVE MCM :) We actually visited it after the Café Dior by Pierre Hermé and we were so full too.

Trying out many different bags, and I think I got some self-control somehow just because I thought I shldn’t be since I already spent the budget on my 3 weeks trip this time LOL. We were looking at bags and my cousin decided to get one as her birthday gift. The SA was really nice and patience. I remembered the one 4 years ago was so bad that they doesn’t even allow us to go to other floor to check out the bags -.- Well, I still visit the one at Apgujeong Rodeo often (or Sinsa’s). Oh did I mentioned, I received a tote bag from MCM too? She gave 2 and each of us got 1 each, so nice please!!!

SA told us if we want to visit their cafe, and I was still thinking if we have capacity to drink… but eventually, we gave in because, I really want to take a look at it haha.

 photo P1018715 copy_zps7xekwor5.jpg
 photo P1018709 copy_zpsp69x0uif.jpg
 photo P1018711 copy_zpsonmtgopr.jpg
 photo P1018713 copy_zpsrdsbxdop.jpg
 photo P1018708 copy_zpsukaiwq8n.jpg
 photo P1018718 copy_zpsq0wpm62b.jpg

It’s quite a simple yet very arty kind of setup with vibrant colours too. As mentioned the SA really very nice, they asked if we want coffee, and brew a cup for us that comes with cookies too. Did i told you, this is a complimentary? We thought, we need to pay for the coffee! haha. And, they even took polaroid for us too. So much love from MCM seriously! I actually appreciate every single help from Korea because, personally, I really think they are really nice and helpful in general.


Direction to MCM at Apgujeong Rodeo

 photo P1018651 copy_zps7rykne05.jpg

#Exit 3, and just walk straight :)

 photo P1018653 copy_zpswe0zg7qp.jpg
 photo P1018654 copy_zpset2axdvn.jpg
 photo P1018723 copy_zpsjb3smkof.jpg

You will definitely spot them, and yes you reached too :)

 photo P1018710 copy_zpsgfqn6wow.jpg

MCM Haus @ Apgujeong Rodeo
Address: 청담동 78-12강남구서울 , 서울 , South Korea
Nearest Subway: Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 3


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JYP 2PM: The Street Cafe Bistro

On my last day of my winter trip, despite not wanting to be back so soon… I wished to cover more cafes :) At this point of time, Cin was sharing this cafe – The Street which located very near to Cube Cafe (which I will be visiting after this) that maybe if I have time, I can go for a drink. My last day was pretty much cafes day + searching high and low for Honey Butter Chips! Honestly, I have no idea this cafe is owned by 2PM or JYP or so… because you can’t find much traces of them here except they located pretty near! Nevertheless, artists under JYPE had share this cafe on their SNS, and one of the biggest event was (2PM) Taecyeon Birthday Party was held here too. Well, whether its owned by JYP or 2PM, I thought its a pretty nice place to have a small bite or salad here :)

A cafe is worth visiting not because who owned it, or who endorse it. The most importantly is either the food/drink are nice or the ambience is good and comfy.

 photo 2015_0102_144007_002 copy_zpsknqhvskz.jpg photo 2015_0102_144130_004 copy_zps21zovurj.jpg photo P1024647 copy_zps4hiyy70n.jpg photo 2015_0102_144525_006 copy_zpsaefcylii.jpg photo P1024641 copy_zpswwk0kyff.jpg
#lucky quote. I met BEAST Dongwoon that day at cube after here. Thank you whoever come out with this hehehehehe!

 photo 2015_0102_151411_002 copy_zpsxhgav3i1.jpg
 photo 2015_0102_145609_004 copy_zpsgnpls6n4.jpg
 photo 2015_0102_145357_001 copy_zpsycr2ubiz.jpg
 photo IMG_20150102_151441 copy_zpsxcyazsp5.jpg
#i’m sure we were very full, but we just wanted to have a small bite, order mac & cheese :)

 photo P1024649 copy_zps14ixgqe5.jpg photo 2015_0102_144001_001 copy_zpshx9y8vjf.jpg

The Street Cafe Bistro Seoul
Address: 청담동 125-18, Seoul, Korea
Hours: Daily 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Tel: +82 2-547-8898
Subway: Apgujeong Rodeo Station
Direction: If you know your way to JYP/ Cube, instead of turn left upon Baskin-Robbins, continue to walk straight and you will find the cafe on your left :)