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[Seoul] Kakao Friend Store at DDP

[Travel in March 2017]

Just another concept store in Seoul, previously share the one in Gangnam and Hongdae (old location) and their Concept Museum Season 1. When I visited in March, this is the nearly open store where you can buy any items and get the balloon freeee! :)

 photo IMG_6256 copy_zpsm2aq9h1t.jpg

 photo IMG_6254 copy_zpsa4z1xkxu.jpg

 photo IMG_6252 copy_zpsbanqzx1i.jpg
 photo IMG_6250 copy_zpsqenf8wcm.jpg
 photo IMG_6249 copy_zpsl0hwmhzx.jpg
 photo IMG_6246 copy_zpsfwblnzkd.jpg
 photo IMG_6243 copy_zpsmlyecupv.jpg
 photo IMG_6242 copy_zpszyrnkrdy.jpg
 photo IMG_6240 copy_zps2zl2gydi.jpg
 photo IMG_6237 copy_zpslzvaenti.jpg
 photo IMG_6236 copy_zps9wyne2bi.jpg
 photo IMG_6235 copy_zpsjsp7gwzh.jpg
 photo IMG_6232 copy_zpsn5fa5byu.jpg
 photo IMG_6230 copy_zps1l7i1mmu.jpg
 photo IMG_6229 copy_zpsmycdp3vq.jpg
 photo IMG_6228 copy_zpssuz6r3du.jpg
 photo IMG_6226 copy_zpsi912ti2z.jpg
 photo IMG_6225 copy_zpszxfibwkc.jpg
 photo IMG_6224 copy_zpsvgqrfhlb.jpg photo 20170327_211708-01.jpeg copy_zps2uxziqjn.jpg

Direction to DDP Kakao Friend Store

 photo IMG_6257 copy_zpszf9r2vir.jpg
Exit 1, and you will see this artium area :) Walk towards it and you will see the store very soon! :)

 photo IMG_6255 copy_zps2yml5qvf.jpg

Kakao Friends @ DDP

Phone: 02-2231-3552
Opening hours: 10:30 – 22:00
Address : 서울 중구 을지로 281 (을지로7가) DDP 지하2층 어울림광장 앞
Subway: Dong Dae Mun History and Culture Station Exit 1


 photo 20170327_191747-01.jpeg copy_zpsp2ouly6t.jpg

Since you are around DDP, how about exploring around and check the architecture out? They are quite pretty :)

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Dongdaemun Design Plaza LED Rose Garden

[Travel in 2014 December – 2015 January]

 photo IMG_20141229_212903 copy_zps5ibldeha.jpg #more than 20,000 led roses to create this beautiful flower bed :)

 photo IMG_20141229_212956 copy_zpsstmfwmts.jpg photo 2014_1229_213416_003 copy_zpsxsopfmc3.jpg

Dongdaemun Design Plaza LED Rose Garden
Extended Period: 18th April 2015 – 30th May 2016
Hours: Anytime, close on Monday.
Admission: Free, Rooftop
Subway: Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 4 ,5), Exit 1

YWCFTS Drama Tour Exhibition

You who came from the star – Drama have created yet another interesting KDrama wave to many countries such as China, Taiwan and even Singapore. Aside from Jun JiHyun 2nd drama till date, or rather, her very first drama after a long hiatus from the small screen is one of the highlight. Next the up-coming rising star – Kim Soo Hyun is the main male lead. Exciting enough? :)

Whatever Jun Ji Hyun worn in the drama gets sold out, include the lipsticks. WOW.

The drama had ended, yet it still create such a wave. Well, if you are YWCFTS lover, no worries, there’s an exhibition that you can’t ever imagine await for you. This drama exhibition have different zones to share their coincidence, their destiny and their love for each other. Aside from the exhibition zones, you get to see the original filming venue includes Do Min Jun (KSH) and Cheon Song Yi (JJH) houses and various display and props. Its an eye opening for the fans of YWCFTS.

Sadly, this exhibition wasn’t running for too long, its only till 15 August 2014. So if you are a fan, go for it :) This exhibition indeed recalls lots of dramas memories we had though this drama tour experience.

 photo 961_zpsb8656fe8.jpg photo 960copy_zpsb6f0716e.jpg photo 962_zpsfff62d82.jpg

 photo 963copy_zps1395e7a5.jpg
 photo 964copy_zps053efac6.jpg
#the hairpin that young ‘cheonsongyi’ worn.

 photo 965copy_zps94cdab59.jpg
 photo 967copy_zpsea240a21.jpg

#KSH saved little JJH because of this carriage.

 photo 968copy_zps3b125acc.jpg
 photo 969copy_zps64bf40fa.jpg
 photo 970copy_zps5ae294c7.jpg
 photo 971copy_zps88c4deb5.jpg
 photo 972copy_zps5007b467.jpg
 photo 973copy_zps1870c00f.jpg
 photo 974copy_zpsdcb5eba4.jpg photo 975copy_zps85c585b4.jpg photo 966copy_zps4a8943ca.jpg

 photo 976copy_zps2c95398f.jpg
#DMJ house, many many memories is created here. Remember CSY did her exercise here after having ramyeon the day before :p

 photo 977copy_zpsc9a1acd4.jpg
#DMJ house is indeed pretty.

 photo 978copy_zps41f5be32.jpg
#CSY actually watering the plants here, and she believes that their live symbolize DMJ’s life too.

 photo 980copy_zps5945b8ec.jpg
 photo 981copy_zps3b1efb09.jpg
 photo 982copy_zps8591bdc8.jpg
 photo 983copy_zps767b9a36.jpg
#the floor wasn’t unfamiliar, remember the caterpillar CSY? :P

 photo 985copy_zps8f010c8c.jpg
 photo 986copy_zps2af5d124.jpg
 photo 987copy_zps16e064a1.jpg
 photo 988copy_zps3577d2f4.jpg
 photo 989copy_zps94fd69a2.jpg
 photo 990copy_zps445956a9.jpg
 photo 991copy_zps5779e00f.jpg
 photo 992copy_zps81e44ec8.jpg
 photo 993copy_zpse5138d37.jpg
 photo 995copy_zpsb694bf23.jpg

#What KSH worn when he first reached Earth.

 photo 996copy_zpsf2d444ad.jpg
 photo 997copy_zpseebb1322.jpg
#secret chamber from DMJ house.

 photo 998copy_zpsc6910814.jpg
#Where DMJ cried for the first time for CSY. T.T That’s indeed a very sad scene.

 photo 984copy_zps4899aa4b.jpg
 photo 1000copy_zps3642f3f6.jpg
 photo 1001copy_zps72ee6d67.jpg
 photo 1002copy_zps67f8ae53.jpg
 photo 999copy_zps827f8a5b.jpg
 photo 1003copy_zps2ae06420.jpg
 photo 1010copy_zpse0ea2f81.jpg
 photo 1009copy_zpseeb39d6a.jpg
 photo 1012copy_zpsa4945f7c.jpg
 photo 1011copy_zps8bc91506.jpg
 photo 1014copy_zps27156f58.jpg
 photo 1013copy_zpse378731e.jpg
 photo 1015copy_zpsb97ea343.jpg
 photo 1016copy_zpsbdacb5c7.jpg
 photo 1018copy_zpsec096649.jpg
 photo 1019copy_zps38c75a6e.jpg
 photo 1020copy_zps69277a03.jpg
 photo 1021copy_zpse2c5a24b.jpg
#CSY house, remember the soft toy! Evil…~ >.<

 photo 1022copy_zpsa0716c95.jpg
 photo 1008copy_zps027bc01b.jpg
 photo 1004copy_zps465a2930.jpg
#CSY bedroom, where she keep calling for DMJ. That’s really cute! :D

 photo 1005copy_zps6a2c6983.jpg
 photo 1006copy_zps0f11c2b7.jpg
 photo 1007copy_zps272ae8af.jpg


Date: 10th June – 15th August
Opening hours: 10:00AM – 10:00PM
Venue: Alrimteo 1, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)
Fee: 15,000 won (Global Interpark)
How to get there: Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Exit 1 (Seoul Subway Line 2,4,5).


(Thanks Cousin SY to take all this pretty photos for me! :D)