Dongdaemun Design Plaza LED Rose Garden

[Travel in 2014 December – 2015 January]

 photo IMG_20141229_212903 copy_zps5ibldeha.jpg #more than 20,000 led roses to create this beautiful flower bed :)

 photo IMG_20141229_212956 copy_zpsstmfwmts.jpg photo 2014_1229_213416_003 copy_zpsxsopfmc3.jpg

Dongdaemun Design Plaza LED Rose Garden
Extended Period: 18th April 2015 – 30th May 2016
Hours: Anytime, close on Monday.
Admission: Free, Rooftop
Subway: Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 4 ,5), Exit 1



  1. Joanne

    Hi, is Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station the same as Dongdaemun station? Trying to plan my itinerary to get to the LED rose garden. Thanks!

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