Once Again…

there’s so much to say, but i can’t say.
i have no idea who read my blog…
i do not know if i can express freely in my blog.
there’s so much restriction.. and i wonder why.

it’s 2:47pm sunday.
i have yet complete what i suppose to.
i need to finish by today or latest monday night.
i’m more than half-done and i’m glad everything is going smoothly.

seriously, i need to get myself prepare.
i’m little worried and i’m afraid that thing(s) doesn’t goes my way too.
but, i have shared this with different group of friends…
all of them can’t wait, and feel happy for me…
especially, Teng, who have been looking forward since years back!

and, i’m calling for celebration, anyone? πŸ™‚

I’m going to share with you soon…
Something on March 13 and another on, 16 April.

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