MAMA Award 2011: Best Male Group

MAMA award is just 1 week away. I’m sure everyone is getting excited over this. Not because this is a huge and big event of the year, it is mostly because, it is happening in Singapore! This is going to be the most biggest event ever hold it in Singapore. (Last year at Macau)

So, I thought maybe I can give a short recap of the people who is being nominated! :)

Best Male Group: TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, Big Bang, Beast

동방신기 best known as TVXQ in Japan, and mostly fans recognize them as DBSK – Dong Bang Shin Ki. They are one of the most famous group in the Asia especially their home ground – Korea, as well as Japan and Taiwan. But in 2009, there’s some law suit from the members of DBSK to their company – SM Entertainment that make them a year of hiatus. So, just Uknow and Max as duet back as DBSK this year.

They are back with this latest album – Keep your head down.



2PM a group from JYP that are practically strong in fast songs and dancing. A group with 7 members, but due to some unknown reason, Jay Park was terminated by JYPE. (Shall not say more about it). 2PM are active in dramas and endorsement, which make Nickkhun one of the TOP millionaire in their teens. 2PM is now having their Asia Tour, and last Saturday it’s Singapore stop.

Their latest MV – Put your hands up, is film in Singapore! But, I’m going to show you my favourite show from 2PM – I’ll be back!



Super Junior
One of the biggest boy bands in Korea. 12 members since debut, and addition of Kyuhyun forming a number of 13 members, biggest boy bands in Asia. They just started their Super Show 4 (tour) in Seoul over the weekend. Both Heechul and Kangin could not make it as they are serving their ‘NS’, while Kibum is actively in drama, and Hangeng left the group for his solo activities in China. ELF believe one day, all 13 will be back. They will be in Singapore on 17 February 2012, for their SS4!

They just release their latest hit – Mr Simple, that create another wave. But, then again, I’m going to show you my favorite song – No Others on Heechul’s birthday. Listen what Leeteuk said :)



Big Bang
A group from YG, which is gradually become famous even out of Korea. They became the first foreign group to receive Best Newcomer, first from Korea to receive the Japan Records award. This doesn’t come easy. Early this year, Daesung met with an accident that no one knows when he is returning to Big Bang. Recently, GD met some problems with marijuana scandal. This make their road of success a little more difficult, but, well Big Bang fans are now better and relax, because BB just won MTV EMA 2011 Best Worldwide Act Award, and this is the first time all 5 members were present on show after both incidents.

Seungri, GD, GD&TOP, Taeyang have all release their solo albums. And Big Bang latest album track – Tonight & Love Song is one of my favourite. The MV might look simple, but it is an expensive one because the camera was imported! (I watched this news from TVN, and can’t find the source yet)



The ‘junior’ group from this list. This doesn’t come too easy for them as well. All 6 members were recognized as ‘rejected group’ and they worked very hard till today’s success. They release their very first mini album – Beast is the B2ST, selling over 20,000 copies in 2009. And, during their reprint, they went on and sell an overall of 40,000 copies. This bought some attention to the group that newly debut group hardly reach 10,000 copies in sales. And that very year, Beast also won their first award, Rookie of the Month for December awarded by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism (wikipedia)

Kikwang and Doojoon have been casting for a few roles in dramas that bring them to the next level. And, they have been singing soundtrack for Now, no longer being called as ‘rejected group’.

I have a few problem of putting just one songs here, because all their songs either ballad or dance seems so nice. After a few consideration, I decided to put – On Rainy Day 비가 오는 날엔 & Fiction stage. You can get to see a few seconds of Soom & Beautiful hur hur.


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