RR+R 2011 Part 1

In few hours time, its going to be 2012.
(I started blogging around 9PM, but you probably read it after 31dec lol.)

This year flew so fast, that I lost count of the days totally. And there’s a couple of episodes happening in my life. Indeed a very different 2011 for me. I usually have problem with blogging fast, and I always did it very slowly, and I’m very sure, this is going to be a late post! :P

As usually, I will do my usual RR+R (Review & Resolution + Recap). So it could be a little boring, but this is just so me. So I will still blog out my style and remind myself everything that I have written for the past one year. Okay, this is getting bored.

Resolution for 2011 & 2012
As the trend of setting resolution and not sticking to it is getting so common till I felt a little sorry toward myself for not even achieve any.  I promise that I will try to stick to what I set this year ;)

Realizing the resolution I set in 2010 is unachievable, I thought a good 3-5 for 2011 will be good. Just give a check and review on what I had for 2011?

1. Stay Healthy 
2. Meatless Monday

3. Save Save Save

It’s not exactly difficult, since there’s only 3. But its something that I doesn’t even achieve well. I have to reflect it again and make sure I fulfill my 2012 Resolution :) Well, here’ the old and usual way, here I’m going to set my 2012 resolutions…. (how boring i know lol) 

1. Stay Healthy.

As usually, I’m a boring person who always thought I have a lot of problems when it comes with health. So, I will play extra effort on looking at the number of sugar and meat intake I have. Well, I can’t control my craving over BBT sometimes, hence I try to minimize it by drinking more water :P Alternative, I hope I can do more swimming this upcoming year. Hopefully twice a week. *cross finger*

2. Meatless Monday

I think for this, I would able to do it, since I wasn’t a big fan over chicken and pork. Just that, I have to put more determination for more days aside just monday. And, my body will have a hard time to digest if I have a chicken/pork meal, and since I’m able to survive without them, I think is pretty good too :)

3. DOUBLE-eggyolk

It’s not a easy for two of us to handle everything from design to accounting for the company. But I strongly believe it wont be a big problem for us and in fact, we should be even more excited for the 2012 year. We set our target and working hard towards it, and this gonna lead more $$$ for trips and gadgets :D  Wish us luck :)

More on all the next R (Recap later)….

Happy New Year! Happy 2012 everyone! :D 



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