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I have never joined fan club, or any sort of forum etc before. I have other impressions on girls who joined it, and I feel that, having such weird affections towards idols are a little bit too much. Then again, just when my friend (we both knew each other since we are K1), and I realize both of us actually like Wilber Pan, we thought of, joining a FC, might as well having one of our own. Then again, simply talk.

Years passed… Just when you can afford more on albums, magazine, and many official merchandise, you thought of the difference between joining and not joining. After-all, that amount of money was just a one-time fee. If you saved on McDonald set meal for 3 times, maybe you have that money to join. Honestly, with hesitating and my age, I thought various times… and, I decided to go ahead. Despite, I have worries that many of them are young like 14-18. This worries me a lot. And, I believed many people are. 

Then, I bought albums at a discounted rates since I’m a member. But, I have never joined in any gathering. I’m worried about everything and anything, which is pointless to name it out right now 😛 There’s a gathering near my place, I had no idea, but got my guts and say ‘I’m going’. True enough, just after I decided, I regretted. I feel lost, and have no ideas if I will able to bring myself, to someone strange, and probably alone for the rest of the gathering. This wasn’t a good idea after all. 

Thankful enough, Yinghuan, whom stayed over Buangkok, PM me to meetup and go with her. That was one of the best move someone who ever did and helped me along my fandom’s journey. My first impression on Yinghuan was, ‘she is such a pretty girl who I thought, was never a fan girl’. She had long straight hair, and very pretty as well. She wasn’t alone, with a group of as good as 6-7 girls as well. All very young, and all very active and talking about their past events together. I almost thought they were classmates or maybe schoolmates. I felt scared. But, at least, someone walked along with me to the venue. 

Then, I got to see Karen, whom I always wanted to meet and know. She look so cute and friendly on forum. And always smile like a angel. She was one of the main organizer for the events. 

My table whom consist of really funny and hyper girls – Yinghuan, Germx, Stacey, Jacintha, Huiqin and many many more. They were talking so happily, of cos, I felt really awkward since I just know them. Then, came, Joanne and Carol. Shortly, Cin, whom I always thought she danced very well. Indeed, she DID dance very well for SS501’s songs. And maybe because of that, Joanne thought I was pretty noisy when, I spent most of my time keeping quiet and texting on phone. LOL. I was shy enough even when I feel like looking at Stacey’s 501 Collections and I didn’t. HAHA! 

I also met Yen, whom I always reply on twitter. She is such a nice lady, so small so nice, and yes, she recently give born to a little prince! 🙂 

Nevertheless, I met bb, someone whom I thought she was such a fine lady, whom never come cross to my mind she would be part of a club too. And, more over, the contribution and helps she always give to the club was appreciated by many. 

A GOOD 2-3 hours of fun with them, honestly still a little awkward. Glad we exchanged our number and some social network details. It was sort of my first and last gathering with the club. It wasn’t the last for the rest. Surprisingly, I meet up with them so often, so much… for a good 2 years odd till now. 

I must say, that ‘I’m going’ wasn’t as regretful as I thought. It bring my lots of fun and friendship. I know more people now. And, they are all my friends who always give me lots of helps and loves whenever I needed.

I think by saying this wasn’t a good help. How about sharing with you that… I actually travelled to BKK with Germx, KR with BB unnie, Emily, Miyo, Joanne, Jimei, KL with PIE family with Jacintha. Lots of dinners, birthday gatherings, theme gatherings, movies, and latetly HK cafe dates! 

It was a big step for me, but never regret that I made the decision. Although, I have never joined any 2nd gathering by the club, it was a great expression and exposure that many people would never able to experience. 

Thank you for bringing my life to another level. Other than my SIX+ONE+ONE and Mavis, PIE FAMILY have been a great and lovely help along the way. When, I was really low in my life, I met them, they brought me laughter and joy. But this doesn’t end like this, the love they constantly give was never lesser than anyone. And, again this year, I will be traveling to KR again with my PIE Family 😉

I hoped by writing something like that will of cos, and definitely, give you more encouragement to join any gathering and have lesser ‘shocking look’ on girls who joined Fan-Gathering. And who knows, you might find true real friendship you never thought you will in your life time. 

Hence, fandom newest language – FRIENDSHIP 😉


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