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[Seoul] Florte Flower Cafe 플로르떼 꽃 카페

[Travel in May 2017]

Happy Birthday to myself. Birthday girl gets her way, decide how her day to be ;)

Florte Flower Cafe by Loving You, is one of the flower cafes I wanted to visit it since last year. I’m glad Carol and Cin were interested and agreed this should be the best cafe to start my birthday day! :)

 photo GOPR1537_1495944920410_high copy_zpsoujkjfgh.jpg photo 20170528_120026 copy_zps8vtzsg2l.jpg
 photo IMG_6935 copy_zps8br1hxah.jpg
 photo IMG_6936 copy_zpsop27cqph.jpg photo IMG_6952 copy_zps5hwdc9wv.jpg photo IMG_6968 copy_zpsuwl6juu6.jpg photo IMG_6953 copy_zpsoufa3frc.jpg
 photo IMG_6938 copy_zpsdxchbg9i.jpg
 photo IMG_6941 copy_zpszfscnalc.jpg
 photo IMG_6942 copy_zpsocnpnxkx.jpg
 photo IMG_6943 copy_zpsvau4rbtf.jpg photo 20170528_130158 copy_zps1o8ed05u.jpg photo IMG_6954 copy_zpshamiberf.jpg

Dessert time! :)

 photo IMG_6945 copy_zpshmc69rud.jpg
 photo 20170528_121342 copy_zpsrzeqt25h.jpg
The ice is in the shape of a Rose, so pretty!

 photo 20170528_121410 copy_zpslt0igscc.jpg
Everything just so pretty, words can’t express as much as the photo I shared.

 photo IMG_6950 copy_zpsvqny10h6.jpg

 photo 20170528_121421 copy_zpsq8midqgv.jpg
 photo 20170528_121645 copy_zpsik4bifvr.jpgThere’s a need to order this because its too pretty!

 photo IMG_6958 copy_zpsnhtqpizq.jpg photo 20170528_122112 copy_zpsiu6mvwbh.jpg
 photo 20170528_121733 copy_zpsccaqo4xj.jpg
 photo GOPR1533_1495944920410_high copy_zpsuyq7dqev.jpg

Direction to Florte Flower Cafe at Hongdae, Seoul

 photo IMG_6926 copy_zps5kn4wldc.jpg
Hongdae Exit 6, Walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6927 copy_zpswnjcdh6b.jpg
#continue to walk straight ;)

 photo IMG_6928 copy_zpsf9a3nhpy.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6929 copy_zpsf6uwxvlo.jpg
#make a left turn here :)

 photo IMG_6930 copy_zpslhlily29.jpg
#and you reached!

 photo IMG_6931 copy_zpsfewvv3mc.jpg
#I love pretty cafe! :)


Florte Flower Cafe
Address: 22 Sinchon-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Nearest Subway: Hongik University Station Exit 6
Operating Hours: 10:30am – 11:00pm (Last order 10:30pm)
Wifi: Yes, ID: florte PW: florte22
Drama: Entertainer EP17, Yoseob Birthday (2017)on VAPP with Junhyung Cameo

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BEAST’s Yoseob’s Sister Cafe: Chokom Cafe & Shop

[Travel in May 2015]

[!!!] Updated on 6 April 2016, Note that, the cafe will be closed by 10 May 2016, and Yoseob’s sister will turn this space to her office space. If you loves her products, you can always purchase from her online-store :) 

Yes, I just came back from Korea again haha. I went for a pre-birthday trip to Korea for 4 days and did everything I wanted within that 4 days. It was quite fulfilling and everything was pretty great for me. Meet up with friends, and having some casual talks with people in the cafe i visited. Pretty sum up how exciting a korea trip can be and its all within this 4 awesome days.

And, I visited Chokom Cafe & Shop that is owned by BEAST Yoseob’s Mum and Sister. Yay! Finally I made it :) I wanted to visit during my last trip to Korea in March/April, but its quite difficult to pack it into my itinerary. So, I’m happy that my cousin is totally fine with it and accompany me right here ;) Hoegi is pretty far, but I think the drink makes it all worth. The cafe is pretty too, and able to speak to yoseob’s mum is a plus point.

Aside from sharing photos of the pretty cafe, I also sharing the direction to the cafe in this post as well. Hope everyone will give a visit to the cafe, do support Yoseob’s sister design and art pieces too :)

 photo IMG_1774 copy_zpsk6ish6wh.jpg
#the cafe is very sweet and cozy, a cafe that mostly girls will like :)

 photo IMG_1786 copy_zpsqqye3n2a.jpg
#hello yanggaengi! :)

 photo IMG_1789 copy_zpsvkvg1sj2.jpg
 photo IMG_1782 copy_zpswzrfmxj7.jpg
#the cafe is deco with quite a lot of vintage cute toys and personalise design by yoseob sister as well. Vintage lover might love it here :)

 photo IMG_1783 copy_zps7ybkqnln.jpg
#toys that from the past? hehe

 photo IMG_1780 copy_zpsoit4df5a.jpg
This is so cute! hehe :) I remembered is from a yoseob fansite :)

 photo IMG_1777 copy_zpsfexlkozw.jpg
#little corner where you get to find yoseob :)

 photo IMG_1779 copy_zpsy70ycovr.jpg
#remember the iron man that Yoseob brought over to place in his sister shop in order to have more male customer? haha!
The top 5 toys are his musical roles, and the bottom 5 are from his caffeine promotion if i not wrong :)

 photo IMG_1778 copy_zpsbpeq8fsf.jpg photo IMG_1775 copy_zpsvnmizqib.jpg
#the view from my seat. Very cozy! I like :)

 photo IMG_1791 copy_zpseavogujo.jpg photo IMG_1785 copy_zpsbd1tl89d.jpg
#Designed by yoseob sister. I regret didn’t get the bracelet. Ok, next trip :)

 photo IMG_1776 copy_zpsyetoxm1m.jpg photo IMG_1784 copy_zpsxkfbo83j.jpg photo IMG_1802 copy_zpsq6dacpd9.jpg
#by the window, like it so much :)  photo IMG_1781 copy_zpsmrumk7ma.jpg
#the menu! :)

 photo IMG_1798 copy_zps0ervvivp.jpg
#found a crocodile beside me while waiting for our drinks :p and definitely taking selca while waiting too :p

 photo IMG_1801 copy_zps95qm27uj.jpg photo IMG_1806 copy_zpskhrinlip.jpg photo IMG_1808 copy_zpsp2enrvur.jpg
#with my cousin who made my Korea trip possible! Thank you! :)

 photo IMG_1803 copy_zpsntktdj3n.jpg
 photo IMG_1805 copy_zpstuo3zk0v.jpg
#the card is so cute! :) 1 foot step now :)

 photo IMG_1796 copy_zpsdjheypgj.jpg
#ordered a Oreo Shake and Milk Tea, i have to say, the milk tea is nice too! ^^

 photo IMG_1793 copy_zps0ldgecyf.jpg
#we are heading over for dinner after this, so we didn’t manage to get some food here yet. hehe I will be back next time hehe :)

Yoseob’s mum is really nice, and really thankful that we visited here. And shared that the kids (awww, yoseob mum called the members – kids just like her own) will be returning from Japan tomorrow. And the moment she knew we were staying at Incheon, got her really shocked that we travelled all the way here and its really far from Incheon hehe. Before we left, she told us, do remembered to come again next time. I told her, when Beast having their Seoul Concert, I will definitely come back here again :) *promise*

Direction to Chokom Cafe & Shop ^^

 photo IMG_1834 copy_zps6m77adsm.jpg
# Hoegi Station Exit 1

 photo IMG_1831 copy_zpsq2lhmhlt.jpg
#Follow the road and walk straight :)

 photo IMG_1830 copy_zpszulmjz6b.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_1829 copy_zps24gw98qk.jpg
#continue to walk straight :D

 photo IMG_1828 copy_zpsjcs6ytoh.jpg
#walk along and wait for the traffic light to cross the road :D

 photo IMG_1827 copy_zps0p6q0wti.jpg
#yes this traffic light hehe

 photo IMG_1824 copy_zpsda3dc70s.jpg
#continue this road along 7-eleven :)

 photo IMG_1822 copy_zpsiyka4q9m.jpg
#you will pass by Cafe bene :D

 photo IMG_1821 copy_zps3evgonvx.jpg
#continue to walk straight :) 

 photo IMG_1820 copy_zpsfy55qxrv.jpg
#passed by 5-dollar shop, and continue to walk straight (almost!)

 photo IMG_1818 copy_zpsxoetjome.jpg
#passed by It’s Skin, and wait for the traffic light to cross the road (you are almost there!!! hwaiting!!!!)

 photo IMG_1817 copy_zpsxmhiwbog.jpg
#crossed the road, and turned left :)

 photo IMG_1815 copy_zpsxqiqjxbd.jpg
#you will see Chokom Cafe & Shop soon! :)

 photo IMG_1814 copy_zps8htd3txg.jpg
#tadah!!! You reached! :DDDD

 photo IMG_1813 copy_zpswb6wpska.jpg

 photo IMG_1809 copy_zps6qqngz8b.jpg

 photo IMG_1810 copy_zpskzhksbkl.jpg

 photo IMG_1774 copy_zpsk6ish6wh.jpg

Chokom Cafe & Shop
Address: 서울시 동대문구 회기동 60-53 2층
Address in English: 2F, Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
Subway: Hoegi Station Exit 1
Operation Hours: 10:00 am – 9:00pm (according to yoseob’s sister ig)
Wifi Available: ID: chokom1/ chokom2 (PW:0105chokom2)

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