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[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 1


Travel with Air New Zealand.
We bought our air fare via Singapore Airline, but they co-share with Air New Zealand. It’s felt reasonable for me since I generally prefer direct flight (you can take SQ plane if you pick the option of transit in Sydney) and this is the best flight to Auckland.

We bought our multi-cities ticket Singapore > Auckland + Christchurch > Singapore at about SGD1,400. It’s pretty pricey for a low peak season but this is the best we fare! Any day earlier or later cost near SGD1,800. I know there’s many SQ promotion going around but, as we doing multi-cities and we don’t want to waste any time taking domestic flight back to Auckland so we go ahead with doing multi-cities ticket.

 photo IMG_0179 copy_zpswcsriuxk.jpg

I thought it’s good to experience different airline too. NZ’s safety precaution VCR is pretty interesting; you should pay attention to it if you are taking them next time.

Interesting Facts on AIR NZ
1) You can chat with your fellow passengers as long you got their seat number
2) Ordering any other snacks/drink/wine through the touch screen tv, make life easier
3) They served decent food, and they have New Zealand Ice cream for snack *yums


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Prelude: #hellosihuigoesNZ

Back from #hellosihuigoesNZ


So, after a good 20 days, I am back in Singapore. Actually, technically not yet, I was typing this on my return flight high above Mount Cook. (Amazing view seriously, I love Mount Cook adventure, its pretty and amazing! We even did our driving there without GPS just because we recongise the way there eventually!)

North or South Island?
South Island, if you only want to do 1 island, or have a limit of 2 weeks’ budget.
If you want to do both island, suggestion to be North first, then South. This way, you will appreciate better because South is incredible beautiful.

Eat in or Eat Out?
Coffee are the best, my friend said. Their Ice Coffee topped with whipped cream and vanila ice cream and choco powder makes it a whole new level of drinking Ice Coffee. Explore cafes/restuarants and vineyards instead of going to the pops places probably works the best.

Countdown and New World are the most popular grocerious stores around that turn kitchen into Magic. If you happened to be in a small town, no fear, there’s foursquare for you. Good enough to do small cookings

Yes, New Zealand is really expensive. Petrol is expensive, eating out is a little pricey too. And Attractions (in the North Island) usually paid and they are quite over-rated too.



I will share slowly share all my adventure and thoughts regards to my #hellosihuigoesNZ here, meanwhile you can check out my other updates too.

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