2011 Resolutions.

it’s already march… oh wait! it’s going to be april soon. SO FAST!
here you go~

2011 Resolutions.

1. Stay Healthy
how to definite stay healthy? Eat healthy and Exercise more. My target is to swim at least once a week. Cin, Fala, Teng, did you hear me? I want a swim (not dry swimming hor!) haha! Other than swimming, there’s no sport i can do. I hate running, i feel like a sick kid when i ran. I just have pain all over me and worst, i feel like vomiting after run lol… I love swimming, and i wish there’s waterproof mp3. Imagine i get to listen to music and exercise at the same time? it’s heaven!

2. Meatless Monday
i’m a reader of Beverly’s Secret. one day, beverly was talking about her plan on meatless monday. i went on to read more on Wikipedia and understand meatless monday. i really think it is a good initiative. actually, meatless monday is to encourage people to improve their health by not eating meat. the initiative wasn’t just for us, it also for our motherly earth. personally, i think is a good initiative that everyone should practice. it is not really hard to avoid meat once a week. for me, it don’t need to be on a monday, as long you take the effort to practice once a week. Thumb up for people whom are practicing it. i understand it might take times to do it, why not, give yourself a try starting from next monday onwards? My aim is 2 days in a week! Hwaiting! You can do it too~

3. Save Save Save
i always think we should set aside certain amount every month after payday. there’s too many thing unpredictable happening everyday. it’s just snow yesterday in korea. the earthquake that hit badly to Japan last week? who would have expected it? in short, no one would able to guess what is going to happen tomorrow, or rather, the next minute…  and of cos, if you save enough, you get to travel to places you want, buy something that you always want. Saving sound great right? Let’s start now!


and wishes for 2011. world peace. travel to seoul. travel together with family. and watch SS501 on stage. lastly, BE HAPPY!

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  • I love your writing so write more okay!
    This will also improve your structuring and your confidence in translating! ^^
    LOVES 😀

    • maknae in the house 🙂 thank you! 🙂 *shy cos you always declare your loves to me ….. lol!*

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