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❤ 해피 빼빼로데이


Happy Pepero Day to everyone! 🙂

Pepero Day is something similar to Valentine day. A day to exchange gift/chocolate or anything sweet 🙂 I love all these special days that Korea had (& Japan too) They make every month something special and meaningful to celebrate with all your love one. Love one, doesn’t mean only restricted to only couple but friends too. I love celebrating Valentine Day & Christmas with my friends 🙂

P.S. I think being Single is nothing wrong, just be happy and live your life fullness! Happiness doesn’t restrict to only couple, because everyone deserve to be happy, and live in happiness. Smile, even you are single. One day, you might find your mr right, but while the day approaching, just enjoy and live happily. Be happy is one of the best gift you can give it to yourself!  

Have you just make a wish on 11/11/11 at 11:11? I didn’t. Because I was actually watching Zipwire clip, that we will be taking to Nami Island. LOL! Anyway, since it’s 11/11/11, I shall make a quick one.

1. World Peace, no more flooding, no more earthquake, no more tsunami, no more starving
2. Healthy body, so I can do lots of travels and experience different cultures
3. Family & Friends, be healthy, be happy, find your loves one soon
4. DEY, business keep on coming, rolling, make us busy yet rich
5. SEOULFUN, more people get to know us, make us one of the most popular online store
6. ME, (always same), be at least pretty, slimmer, and always 人見人愛~

Anyway, I missed out to blog on the exact timing of 11:11, hence, I decided to do it on the night at 11:11PM instead, I’m actually blogging in advance because, I’m meeting my PIE family tonight! It been a really long long while, we last met, and have a great chatting time together. I can’t wait for tonight dinner….! Oh yes, we are also catching the ‘CHASE GIRL’ movie too! Weet!

So, go out and have fun with your friends on Pepero Day!

and hug pepero to sleep tonight 🙂

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