[DEY] New Challenges

I think sometime, life is just so amazing, just so awesome! You can’t hardly explain why you are going through certain thing at this age, and later at another. But, I think life is created with different stages for us to accept and be brave to go through challenges after another! This challenges might not even sound difficult to other people, but it is just totally fresh for you. Something you never do it before, or you never even thought of it. It is just simply – Challenges.

I have been a graphic designer working in a few different companies for the past 5 years. And in fact, slogging away and giving out my best I ever can give for the 3 years I stayed with my last company. There’s any worries except for my boss’s PMS (it’s almost happen every week!), I have fun colleagues that we always gossip and have fun during each of our birthdays. I think colleagues make a different since we spent most of our time with them (sometimes a good 12 hours of work!). Having no worries about bills and money as I get my salary every month.

It was then, I left the company, flew to Korea, a place I love since I was young. I stayed there for 25 days. Yes, it is in fact a great experience in terms of their culture their food and hallyu wave! I love it, enjoyed it, and will be heading there next year for winter ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m back with no job, back to the routine of sending emails, going for interviews. Jobs are hard to find, and in fact it is not easy for me when there’s lots of fresh grad seeking jobs, getting much lesser pay comparing to someone who work for 5 years! Then, the challenge came… My friend ask if i’m interested to have a company of our own, and yes, here we are… Double-eggyolk.

DEY have been working very hard since July. A good 3 months of challenges because we did things that we never tried and experience ย before. Every single project marks a special milestone for DEY. We fight through different challenges, improve ourselves as a better designer each time. We learn through every single mission and challenges.

Meeting clients, going thru meetings just to get our job done have been part of my jobs. I have not been to much meeting in my life, as much as I might be a social butterflies, I still afraid of speaking up. But as times goes, the more meeting I went, I improved. I think, sooner or later, I will be much more confident than I ever imagine.

We have been taking up real challenge as a Visual Merchandiser. We did one project that was meant to be place over Paris for a trade show. This is indeed a challenge for us since we never knew what is going to happen in Paris, you know it is always better to be there to foresee.

Challenges doesn’t stop here. We are now doing a website, a official website for a restaurant that we face really lots of challenges. And I must thank my friend who always there and helped us along, teaching me CSS and HTML5, as I’m only good in normal HTML & FLASH. He have been a great help!

And, I was handling alone for the domain, and getting the email setup for the website. It might not sound difficult to you or even me. But since it is my first time doing it, I’m having a little nervous for it. But, well, everything seems smooth. That’s a delighting news for me ๐Ÿ™‚

The next challenge will be, getting more jobs for DEY. Letting everyone to recongize us as DEY, a very young company who just started out few months ago. But someone who have experience in more than 5 years in design field ๐Ÿ™‚

I think, every challenges teach you a certain thing, so that you will learn something out of it. I’m glad, so far, there’s so much challenges that I can get to learn and know more about designs. Designs is no longer just a simple design that you see it from the signboard or billboard, but at least the hardwork every single designer go through from conceptualize, designing, printing, fabricating.

Okay, I’m getting back to work now ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. if you are interested to work with us, feel free to contact me at [email protected] ^^

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