Lovely Date with Clarice & Mayyin

Meet up with Clarice and Mayyin on friday.
It was pretty funny that we all went back to Chinatown,
when, all of us already not working in ID.
And, the ‘best’ thing is that, we saw our ex-boss.

And, she told clarice not to give me job -.-

We had IPOH HOR FUN, not bad! not exactly a lot though but was pretty full.
(Store Name: Lee Tong Kee, was pretty popular since you are young, my first try though :P)

We headed to Ann Siang as there’s a new PS Cafe.
I was not exactly a fan of PS Cafe, because I found that, food was pretty over-rated.
And, demsey’s outlet wasn’t as good as I thought too.
But heard that, Ann Siang’s was a new outlet, so giving it a try.

It was really really, nicer so much nicer!
You guys should go try that very outlet! πŸ˜€
(PS Cafe, Rooftop @ Ann Siang)



and we ordered a dessert that is so much, so big so full!

It is a good nightout though short, but nice one.

Let’s go again πŸ™‚

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