I want to be Jeremy Scott BFF!


I guess most of my friends know that I’m a BIG fan of Adidas Original. You probably unsure how much I love this brand, and definitely their product too! I almost wanted to do my wall with repeat pattern of Adidas Original logo. this hardcore loh

I love whatever 2NE1 is wearing and I think they did a very positive image for Adidas totally! Their style, music and image fit Adidas living sporty look, which in a way enhance and give out vibe of regret of not buying hurhur

I love Dara’s legging! It’s so godly nice! In fact, I wished to get the entire set too!!! I so wanna buy everything by looking at their website!!!! Parkbom’s blue dress is so nice, that blue shade is so lovely! Minzy’s baseball jacket is just what I need!

Jeremy Scott is just so good! Rene told me that CL & JS are BFF! I wish JS can be my BFF too! The thought of wearing Adidas daily is something that making me happy and excited hurhur!!!


I really love this pair of sneaker! Can anyone let me know if I can be this? Or rather where? ^^

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  • Those Adidas shoes you are asking about are the m metros!! They are available on the official Adidas website for 90$. I love Adidas Sports and Originals. I have a crap load of Adidas shoes,Shirts and track pants ^^;. I’m glad that 2NE1 is partnered with Jeremy Scott and Adidas.

    • Really we could buy them via the official website? I would love to have them. Though I might not a fan of 2NE1, but i think they suit the style totally. Its how great they fit the style and they are being the endorser! Even their music style suit! 😀

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