A visit to Gwangjang Market 광장시장

Gwangjang Market is one of the first market most tourist heard when mentioned of visiting market in Seoul. Well, it won’t disappoint you despite its still continue to be the most popular market among tourist. A market that worth visit for their street foods and their silk/bed-sheet linen. Their silk/bed sheet linen is the most famous in Seoul, if you wish to get some back, do make a visit there! 🙂

Dry goods, traditional apparels, bedding and even kitchen wares are easily found in there too. You will able to get quite a handful of stuff 🙂

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 photo P4091954copy_zps601703fa.jpg

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#Japchae. This is SO delicious, though the noodle could be ready made, but they mixed the sauce and handle it only when you ordered!

 photo P4091949copy_zps5cf475cf.jpg

 photo P4091950copy_zpsce0d8cba.jpg

 photo P4091937copy_zps16475f2d.jpg
#dok that taste something different from the usual one we ate. This is made of red bean even the outer crispy layer! 🙂

 photo IMG_4478copy_zpsf23db3ee.jpg

 photo P4091938copy_zps1674ec1b.jpg
#cousin having her dok craving too 🙂

 photo P4091936copy_zpsfa900c71.jpg
#we saw this looking delicious, and it look a little bit like the one SHINHWA ate in Shinbang.

 photo P4091933copy_zps463ee4e3.jpg

 photo P4091935copy_zps9c21d356.jpg

 photo P4091934copy_zpsc1900542.jpg
#it’s very very nice! it’s made of beans and bean sprout and tofu. It’s mixtures of what I LOVE! 😀 (녹두 빈대떡 Mung Bean Pancake)

 photo P4091932copy_zpsabbbca33.jpg

 photo P4091931copy_zps4f262562.jpg

 photo P4091930copy_zps9db97c88.jpg

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 photo P4091926copy_zps1d1f9e89.jpg
#we saw this stall that sell handmade mandoo. So, we thought of sharing 1 🙂

 photo P4091922copy_zps355d04ed.jpg
#handmade mandoo.

 photo P4091927copy_zps54aeba88.jpg
#kimchi and tofu filling 😀

 photo P4091929copy_zps4db23658.jpg

 photo P4091928copy_zpsdbe7543e.jpg

 photo P4091925copy_zps06f3bbcb.jpg

 photo P4091924copy_zps55268837.jpg

 photo P4091921copy_zps6d96f58c.jpg

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 photo P4091945copy_zpsbf4fa253.jpg
#dry goods in the market as well.

 photo P4091939copy_zps61094a3c.jpg

 photo P4091944copy_zps7ae6f686.jpg

 photo P4091943copy_zps520a3cf5.jpg

 photo P4091942copy_zpsc4ea6db0.jpg
#THIS IS REALLY GOOD!!!!! I bought erm 2 boxes back to Singapore too! :p  (양념 게장)
They packed very nicely for me that I can easily put in my luggage without it leaking out smells or sauce. ^^

 photo P4091941copy_zps301ab5d0.jpg
#this is the soy sauce raw crab! (게장)

 photo 20130421_144849copy_zps291171d4.jpg
#i bought the raw crab from him. Ahjussi is really nice and packed it nicely for me. You can get it from him 🙂
And he give us free services (means freebie in korean) and i love korean yakult! 🙂

 photo 20130421_144840copy_zpse5bdd1b7.jpg

Gwangjang Market
Address: 6-1 Yeji-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Subway station: 종로5가역 Jongno 5-ga Station
Direction: Exit 8, walked straight for about 5-8minutes and you found yourself at the entrance of Gwangjang Market 😀

3 thoughts on “A visit to Gwangjang Market 광장시장”

  • Hello! Could I check how did you ask the ahjussi to pack the ganjang gejang for you? I ate it in Korea last year and it was so delicious I really want to bring it back for my family who loves crabs too. I’m heading to Seoul again in another week and I’m thinking of getting some back. Do you know how long can I keep the crabs? Should I get it on my last day before I head back?

    • Hihi liz! Actually I only mentioned about packing, he automatically did airtight packing for me ^^ and… I remember is 2weeks ^^ I buy it the day before I flew and put in the fridge till the next day to pack into my luggage before I check out ^^ enjoy your trip! ^^

  • Hello, i was wondering do you speak Korean? I’m going to visit Korea on march with my friend, but we’re not Korean speaker and afraid that it would be difficult to order food. >< Do they understand english?

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