Your Best Travel Guide to Korea and Some Say More!

추석 잘보내세요!

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Happy Chuseok Everyone! 🙂

Chuseok in Korea is very similar to our Mid-Autumn, which is also a Thankgiving Day!
Wish all my family and friends have an awesome and great time together.
Have fun eating Mooncakes & Tea!

Currently, I’m very busy with works, piling and piling…~ *happy*
and it seems like, there’s one more in november *cross finger… hope to get it deal!*

As for my travelogue, there’s more to come, to be honest, I have yet finish half of it.
my friends have been asking me where’s my post… soon k soon 😛
something to look forward to: Gaepan, Picnic Day, Mouse Rabbit

Have fun friends 🙂

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