NC Cube, Songdo, Incheon

[Travel in May 2015]

A visit to NC Cube is a must when you are staying in Incheon. The main attraction about NC Cube was the canal walk, i have seen photos of it in day and night view, both looks amazing pretty. So, we took a cab from Incheon Airport and arriving NC Cube in less than 20minutes. And i saw a bed of purple and red flowers just beside the road next to NC Cube. I can’t resist and went ahead to take photos ;)

Its not the best decision because its scorching hot at 11am, but pretty flowers are the reason why :)

 photo IMG_1846 copy_zpsfr89lkfx.jpg

 photo IMG_1872 copy_zpsvd837tk3.jpg
after having xxx amount of photos, we proceed to NC Cube :)

 photo IMG_1877 copy_zpsprrrrbur.jpg

 photo IMG_1842 copy_zpsizppmuw6.jpg

 photo IMG_1878 copy_zps1ho2rsbn.jpg

the mall is divided into 4 season and they are full of restaurants, cafes and many korean and international brands too. ABC Mart is a must visit if you wish to get any shoes.

 photo IMG_1845 copy_zpsvwkzkuxr.jpg

 photo IMG_1884 copy_zpsfbkrgobk.jpg

 photo IMG_1934 copy_zpsvqrmalz3.jpg

 photo IMG_1936 copy_zpsxexoghga.jpg

You might not be unfamiliar with NC Cube because its often used recently in drama series too :) If not for the distance far from Seoul, I guessed many people will visit it more often :) For me, staying at Incheon, wasn’t an excuse at all. To add on, I will be sharing a cafe we visited in NC Cube and a trip to central park nearby too!




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    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Ethelynn! :)

      The nearest station is Central Park Station. But it will be quite a bit of walk to the NC Cube but managable :) You can walk through the Songdo Central Park and head over to NC Cube via there :)

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