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[Sinsa Garosu-gil] Backen 바켄

[Travel in March/April 2017]

Hi! I am back with another bakery entry! I can’t remember when was the last one, was it Le Alaska or Mr Holmes Bakehouse haha. Honestly, I visited too many cafes in Korea, and they takes ages to finish sharing here, but I guessed, another bakery entry will break the chain haha. This is a very simple cafe, very small, located far end of Garosugil, one of my favourite place in Seoul. Every trip to Seoul, I must visit Sinsa, and I’m glad most of friends travelled together with me love Sinsa as much as I do too haha :) Yeah!

 photo IMG_6782 copy_zpsrrlgu6dt.jpg
 photo IMG_6756 copy_zpskyshcpng.jpg
 photo IMG_6753 copy_zps9y8hs42o.jpg
 photo IMG_6755 copy_zpsrepquvnr.jpg
 photo IMG_6760 copy_zps4cziyhee.jpg
 photo IMG_6768 copy_zpslqidyjdg.jpg
#my drink really yummy! grapefruit soda! :D

 photo IMG_6765 copy_zpsmxtiifux.jpg
 photo IMG_6772 copy_zps2oiraicu.jpg
#Caramel Chocolate – 2800won – THIS IS OUR FAVOURITE! TRY THIS OKAY? :)

 photo IMG_6773 copy_zpssuw6zbhg.jpg
#Banana Churros – 3800won

 photo IMG_6779 copy_zpsadkybajc.jpg


Direction to Backen

 photo IMG_6837 copy_zpsbhru2tsd.jpg
#Sinsa Station Exit 8, my favourite! Continue to walk straight! :D 

 photo IMG_6793 copy_zpsoz4gebdw.jpg
#turn left at It’s skin to Garougil street! :D

 photo IMG_6791 copy_zps3ogewarn.jpg
#walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6789 copy_zpsikdgdmxt.jpg
#you will pass by Line Friend Cafe & Store :)

 photo IMG_6788 copy_zpscmze5me1.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6787 copy_zpsmuoiv4qb.jpg
#yes, continue haha

 photo IMG_6785 copy_zpswp0yy1nq.jpg
#good things are worth waiting, come on, a little more :)

 photo IMG_6783 copy_zps2ilgc3zk.jpg
#continue a little bit more now :)

 photo IMG_6737 copy_zpswxrmttf9.jpg
#turn left here, where tommy hilfiger is on your left :)

 photo IMG_6739 copy_zpspdjzpyir.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6741 copy_zpsneerfgyw.jpg
#3 level starbucks!

 photo IMG_6742 copy_zpsswjpikdj.jpg

 photo IMG_6744 copy_zpsscdpqqgl.jpg
#straight! :)

 photo IMG_6746 copy_zpsqlpyqdmt.jpg
#turn right here to the carpark! :)

 photo IMG_6747 copy_zpsxxcrsoim.jpg

 photo IMG_6782 copy_zpsrrlgu6dt.jpg
#you reached! :D



Backen 바켄
Address: 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 528-3
Contact: 02-516-8889
Operation Hours: 10:30am – 9:30pm
Nearest Subway: Sinsa Station (Exit 8)
Wifi: Backen/ backen528

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Line Friends Store at Garosu-gil, Sinsa

!!! There’s another Line flagship store in Itaewon, read more about here!

While, you might be using the LINE app to call your friends from other side of the world, exchanging messages and sharing photos. There’s one store in garosu-gil sharing the equal amount excitement as you do, and maybe more….. – Line Friends Store! I’m a Line user, and basically playing their games , buying their stickers and so, you get what I mean when i say – I AM EXCITED!!! :)

Line Friends store at Garosu-gil is not just a store, but also a themed cafe too! Basically, going crazy in the store. I wanted to get everything, but I didn’t actually, not sure why, but Im sure the next trip I’m going to get something out from the store! Sadly, I think I missed out 1 of the level hahaha! Oops! Probably I was concentrating more on the cafe side that day more than others… Meanwhile, humble entry for this :/

 photo 20150402_200559 copy_zpsdwatogpj.jpg
 photo IMG_20150331_210556 copy_zpsnwd7ux0f.jpg photo IMG_1022 copy_zps5iywsl5j.jpg
#we must take photo with the main attraction of the store! hehe, isn’t my friend – jolene cute! hehe :D

 photo IMG_1017 copy_zpsofwaeron.jpg
#my hair color looks like brown color! haha!!!

 photo IMG_1024 copy_zps64shjg7k.jpg
 photo IMG_1027 copy_zpst2w2gk1s.jpg
 photo IMG_1031 copy_zpsd6o557zf.jpg photo IMG_1030 copy_zpsqpwgc3ng.jpg photo IMG_1033 copy_zpsdivxccfe.jpg
#i want to bring them home, but i can’t and i didn’t!

 photo IMG_1037 copy_zpsq4e2dsle.jpg
#the cafe!

 photo IMG_1039 copy_zpsmw9mizab.jpg photo IMG_1041 copy_zpsv5dlyzfj.jpg photo IMG_1043 copy_zps6skdp2bx.jpg photo IMG_1028 copy_zpskpvybi7f.jpg photo IMG_1042 copy_zps6iwpiaru.jpg photo IMG_1046 copy_zpscyz7tus5.jpg#actually we planned to buy 1 brown and 1 sally macarons with a cup of their speciality all because of the sleeves haha. But, I think we went too late, and they are closed for the drinks – sobs! hence, I actually, felt a little upset about it, and tell the barista that I wanted the drinks because of the sleeves, and he gave it to me! HAHA! See, I told you all, Koreans are really kind than you can imagine. He gave me 1 brown 1 sally! Yeah! :) And, brown macaron are sold out, so we bought 2 sally instead :) Its REALLY NICE! nomnom.

 photo IMG_1051 copy_zpsialetgjq.jpg
# Hello Sally! :)

 photo 20150402_200610 copy_zpsosco4i5h.jpg

Line Friends Store & Cafe
Address: 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 535-15
Address in English: 535-15, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Operating Hours: 12:00noon – 9:00pm
Tel: 070 7728 3244
Subway Station: Sinsa Station
Direction: Sinsa Station Exit 8, walk straight towards Garosugil street. Turn left at It’s Skin to find yourself at Garosugil Street. Continue to walk straight for about 8mins, you will find yourself at Line Friends Store shortly, and see the gigantic bear welcoming you! :)

There is another flagship store outlet at Itaewon, read more about it here :)

Momo Cot @ Garosu-gil

Winter trip was awesome, because the weather and environment seems to be really romantic. The christmas deco, the gloomy weather, everything seems to be light in the dark that gives a little bit of the romantic atmosphere. Its my first time travelling in December so everything seems to be really excited for me. Despite being in korea 5 times (at that point of time), I have yet been to the most popular place in Korea – Garosu-gil. I remembered we wanted to visit there in march? but we were too tight with schedule and decided to go another time. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea why we have 39 days and its still too tight hahahaha!!

So, we headed over to Garosu-gil for the first time, a pretty street full of cafes and street labels. The weather was so cold, but everything else made up for it. I really love winter, I love spring too. Everything that is not summer is great :) We didn’t plan any particular cafe to visit, and momo cot give us more than 1 reason why we should choose them.


 photo P1030225copy_zps2168e399.jpg#the cafe is too pretty not to visit. how I wish that I’m there right now :)

 photo P1030226copy_zps011e5685.jpg
 photo P1030219copy_zps50d53462.jpg
 photo P1030218copy_zps9e798ab8.jpg
 photo P1030217copy_zpsf3b56d64.jpg

Momo Cot @ Garosugil
535-17 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Nearest Station: Sinsa Station

Korea: Godiva 고디바

 photo 20140103_175456copy_zps9dfd89f0.jpg

 It’s freezing cold that winter.
But we braved through the coldness and have this.
It’s pretty awesome to eat the ice cream when the weather is so cold.
You need not worry about the melting issue :)

I was holding the ice cream on my left hand and insist not change hand.
You just wish to sacrifice 1 hand and at least another still feeling warm :p

It’s my first time eating godiva product, and Im loving it.
Its really quality chocolate ;)

it’s almost a year.


Godiva Boutique @ Garosugil
Address // 546-6 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
Address // 서울시 강남구 신사동 545-6
Tel // +82 2 759 0783
Subway // Sinsa Station Exit 8


World Trade Centre
Hyundai Department Store
Subway // Samseong Station

Banana Tree in Sinsa : Flower Pot Dessert (바나나 트리)

바나나 트리 Banana Tree at Sinsa

Remember how much I love Cafe hopping in Korea (Australia & Singapore) as well, this summer trip, we included quite a fair bit of cafe visit but due to the time limit, we only managed to go for a few one :( but, we manged to visit the one we really wanted – Banana Tree. And we were happy with the dessert :D

This cafe is quite a surprise because they are actually located quite off the subway so ‘maybe’ not many people knew about it. It’s petite and cosy cafe, handling by young ladies (during my visit). How I wish, I could have a cafe like this too. A pity that, Cin can’t join us but we promised to visit together next time :)

 photo P8124215copy_zpsa55ba628.jpg
#a very petite cafe

 photo P8124211copy_zps70aecd95.jpg

 photo P8124193copy_zps62f9ab9c.jpg

 photo P8124192copy_zps132c179d.jpg

 photo P8124190copy_zpsd301d5d1.jpg

 photo P8124189copy_zpse192a7a4.jpg

 photo P8124187copy_zpsee522349.jpg
#there’s outdoor seat too. Good enough for six person!

 photo P8124184copy_zpsea330e05.jpg

 photo P8124183copy_zps5077b22a.jpg
#the menu :D we ordered Banana Flower Paap (바나나 화분팝)

 photo P8124205copy_zps36e0f1c8.jpg
#the banana “cake” is really nice. The texture is soft, the taste is unforgettable :D

 photo P8124206copy_zps7fcead77.jpg
#it’s so beautiful, I mean where do you find dirt/soil delicious? Only in Banana Tree! :D

 photo P8124196copy_zps3d478f8b.jpg

 photo P8124200copy_zps345679a8.jpg
#their french toast taste slightly sweeter than what we usually eat, but its delicious! :D

 photo P8124194copy_zps823f629c.jpg

 photo P8124207copy_zps1633dc8f.jpg
#Rilakkuma is excited for his first visit here. A comparison of the dessert with a mini soft toy. A good share for 2, but definitely enough for 1.

 photo P8124209copy_zpsc6bf67a1.jpg
#and this shall not be miss, a photo of myself haha :)

Direction to Banana Tree

 photo P8124227copy_zps0b679735.jpg
#Line 3 Sinsa station, Exit 7. (Walk straight)

 photo P8124226copy_zpsf649f62e.jpg
#Turn Left when you reached the zebra crossing.

 photo P8124223copy_zps3a5eb052.jpg
#Walk straight, a fair bit of walking (especially during summer :((( It’s about 8-10mins walk.

 photo P8124220copy_zps346d34fc.jpg
#Passby this black pork store, continue to walk straight :)

 photo P8124218copy_zpsf125de3c.jpg
#continue to walk straight :D

 photo P8124217copy_zpsa3a12ad8.jpg
#When you see this CU, turned right, and you will reached! :DDD

 photo P8124216copy_zps2b513782.jpg

526 신사동 강남구, Seoul, Korea

(82) 02-3442-6050

Operation Hours
Monday – Friday 11:00am – 20:30pm
Saturday 11:00am – 21:00pm

Takeaway Available