Sinchon: General Braised Chicken 장군찜닭

[Visited in 2023, the store has been replace by another 찜닭 store, I have shared in my current 2023 trip. Look forward =)]

[Travel in March/April 2017]

I have been staying at Sinchon for a good 10 times so far, and my aim is to explore all the good foods and cafes around this area haha. There’s always a saying that, if you stay near this area, its always very rare and times you wanted to spend time here…. That happened to me twice in Myeongdong haha. But Sinchon (& Edae) is such a lovely place that fill with many lovely cafes and eateries. Since I stayed Sinchon (most of the time), my first day and last day of my trip definitely spent in Sinchon… I wanted to try something different every trip so my explore spirit will allows me to find more!

Since I’m bringing 2 new friends to Korea this time, I must bring them to eat 찜닭! I always like the one at Gangnam but, doesn’t want to make a trip all the way there this trip. And, I found one in Sinchon and I guessed its my favourite 찜닭 since the first bite haha. My friend whom tried a few 찜닭 the last 2 trips and think this is the best too.

So you know where you can eat 찜닭 after shopping at Sinchon/Edae hehe….

 photo IMG_6598 copy_zpsrmbdbrmu.jpg

 photo IMG_6599 copy_zpsiimcdrbx.jpg
#a really simple and small eatery!

 photo IMG_6592 copy_zpsf97agvmx.jpg
#menu is also simple too!

 photo IMG_6589 copy_zpslie6p6nj.jpg
#they have different type of 찜닭, there’s tomato base, cream base, spicy base etc etc etc 🙂

 photo 20170405_122455 copy_zpsyrdpnb3v.jpg
#Food is served! We ordered a 4 pax meal, cos they don’t allowed us to order 3 since there’s 4 of us haha.
The rice is topped with a piece of butter, which eventually we stirred with the rice. It’s so fragrant~~~

 photo IMG_6603 copy_zpsyptpd0zb.jpg
#close up! there’s rice cake, braised chicken, fried squid ring too! Yums! I love their glass noodle too!

 photo IMG_6602 copy_zpsnfwueigf.jpg
#another view 🙂 We finished almost all, though its really filling, but because it is so good, we can’t stopped at the “last” piece. There’s always a last piece we claimed too. haha! I was sharing with my friends that I wanted to bring other friends along too! 🙂

Direction to General Braised Chicken 장군찜닭

 photo IMG_6605 copy_zpsfqlpzuc4.jpg
#Sinchon Station Exit 1

 photo IMG_6606 copy_zpswfp3lc6b.jpg
#walk straight when walk out of Exit 1 🙂

 photo IMG_6577 copy_zpseryac73v.jpg
#turn right at the alley beside Natuur 🙂

 photo IMG_6580 copy_zpssvkjws7v.jpg
#walk straight! 🙂

 photo IMG_6583 copy_zpskgra6m2n.jpg
#continue to walk straight, a short distance but all the way to the end 🙂

 photo IMG_6584 copy_zpsxoebeuln.jpg
#halfway 🙂

 photo IMG_6585 copy_zpsxqh1alm1.jpg

 photo IMG_6586 copy_zpszrtdzp1n.jpg
#so many GS25 haha! Continue, you are about to reach! 🙂

 photo IMG_6587 copy_zpsoehjbo1e.jpg
#turn left at the T junction to see this 🙂

 photo IMG_6588 copy_zpsykhjwfsq.jpg
#tadah! You reached, its level 2 above GS25! 🙂

 photo IMG_6590 copy_zpsolchh7su.jpg

 photo IMG_6600 copy_zps7jze7gbn.jpg
# Are you hungry?

Sinchon: General Braised Chicken 장군찜닭 
Address: 서울특별시 서대문구 창천동 52-150
Hotline: 02-323-3220
Operation Hours: 11am – 1opm
Nearest Subway: Sinchon Station (Exit 1)

Overall Rating: 7/10
Amount Spent: 35USD
My Recommendations: 장군찜닭
Best Part: Taste

Will I come back? Yes!


  • Their butter rice goes well with their 찜닭!

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2 thoughts on “Sinchon: General Braised Chicken 장군찜닭”

  • Hello Sihui! Totally loving your blog, all the wonderful information of the beautiful cafes and yummy food as inspiration for my itinerary to korea! However, i’ll like to ask, there are 2 Sinchon stations in seoul, may i know which station you were referring to for this braised chicken restaurant? Isit the GJ line or the green line? 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hi Hi!

      Thank you 🙂 Hope you will enjoy more of my upcoming posts too! So much to share! 🙂
      Hope you can filled up your itinerary to korea with many interesting food and places to visit.
      The one I am referring to is the GREEN LINE sinchon 🙂 hehe!

      Enjoy your upcoming trip! hehe

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