TONGYEONG DAY 3 – 처갓집 양념치킨

[Travel in March/April 2019] 

We had a free day today, and we wanted to start our day late, and do some food hunt and end the day with some walk! 🙂

We wanted to have Kyochon, but the store is closed, so we went for another one shown on google map. We travelled for 20minutes to realise, it’s gone 🙁 We were determined to have chicken since last night. And so glad we had that determination haha. We found 처갓집, and we went back to eat the next night haha! – This is how shiok it was! :p

We wanted to have chicken,
but they need 1 hour to prepare so here we were …
found one within 5 minutes for a walk 🙂
our drink 🙂

And, we were so excited to try. But we didn’t know we will be back the next night for this haha!

Our first try! Its SO GOOD SO GOOD!!! 🙂
Back, for the 2nd time next day! HAHA!

Cheo Ga Jip 처갓집 양념치킨

Address: 경상남도 통영시 북신동 694-1번지 KR 진우데파트
(I will double check the address)
Operation Hours: 2PM onwards

Overall Rating: 8/10
Amount Spent: 13USD
My Recommendations: 양념치킨
Best Part: Great Taste, Good Food!

Will I come back? Yes! After leaving Tongyeong, we google so much haha!


  • 양념치킨!!!!

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